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EDU7395: Educational Research in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Methodology

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Search our catalog for a complete list of all our educational technology titles. Here are some suggested subject headings and locations for you to start your search with:

Citing Your Resources

Doing ethical research means citing sources. It is critical to credit writers for their work and their contributions to your research. To not do so is unethical and leads to plagiarism - unintentionally or not. Here are some sources to help you cite properly and to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

  • Citation of Sources
    This lists citation engines which help you create proper citations as well as providing information on different citation styles.
  • Tips on avoiding plagiarism
  • Turnitin
    Turnitin is a service that faculty and students use to detect and avoid plagiarism in their writing.
  • NoodleBib
    NoodleBib is an online resource that will help you format MLA and APA bibliographies, exporting them directly to your word processing program.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Technology @ your fingertips: A guide to implementing technology solutions for education agencies and institutions. (1997). Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics.
Reference LB 1028.43 .T44 1997

Unwin, D., & McAleese, R. (Eds.). (1988). The encyclopaedia of educational media communications and technology. New York: Greenwood Press.
Reference LB1042.5 .E52 1988


To search for articles within a particular publication, use our databases. If you wish to browse through some issues, here are some suggested titles that the library owns.

To search for periodicals that may be available in our full-text databases, search the Journal Locator by keyword.

Web Sites

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, theory, and quality of learning and teaching at all levels with information technology.

CEO Forum on Education and Technology
The Forum issues an annual assessment of the nation's progress toward integrating technology into American classrooms.

Computers for School Networking (CoSN)
Promotes the use of telecommunications in K-12 education to improve learning with information on budgeting, issues involved in managing Internet content, a forum area for discussion, and access to a free e-publication, TechLearning.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
A nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the improvement of education through computer based technology. See "Educator Resources" for assessment tools, curriculum ideas, professional development, and more.

Lifelong Kindergarten
Explores how new technologies can enable new ways of thinking, learning, and designing. Creates new "tools to think with" and explores how these can help bring about change in school settings. Links to "LifeLong Kindergarten: Media Lab," and "The Future of Learning Program" as well as research publications.

TeacherTube - The 'YouTube' for Sharing Educational Videos
TeacherTube is a terrific resource to share, upload and download educationally related videos and information. Essentially, it is YouTube for teachers. It has a similar look and feel, has a similar interface for uploading, and a similar method to embed videos on other pages.The big difference - this site is dedicated to educational videos. The idea is that if students click on the TeacherTube logo they are taken to a much safer site. TeacherTube's aim is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos.... in a much safer forum. Diligent efforts are also made to monitor and bring down content that is inappropriate for this forum.

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