ESL 0012: English as a Second Language

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A free verb conjugator covering hundreds of languages. Conjugations are thorough, and carried out to many tenses. Verbix is a non-profit organization working to promote linguistic diversity. Regional variations and even some extinct languages are included.

Weblinks for ESL Students

An extensive collection of links providing all kinds of exposure to and practice of the English language. Includes Grammars, dictionaries, pronunciation keys, dialogues, listening and read-along opportunities.

Foreign Language News and Newspapers

Librarians at MIT have compiled directories of electronic journals, newspapers and magazines for eight languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Brief, helpful descriptions accompany each link in this appealing arrangement.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Here is an excellent resource for anyone exploring the logic of the English language. Pull-down menus are detailed and well-organized. Examples are complete and clear. There is even a feature for submitting specific questions. The site is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation in Connecticut.

Internet Public Library — International Newspapers

Select online newpapers from countries around the world.


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