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Stats from Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha is a great search engine that focuses on stats and facts. It lets you combine them in interesting ways. This blog post from them focuses on election night.

Election Night Instagram provides some interesting stats from election night.


  • Gallup.com
    Review the latest political polls from America’s favorite political opinion gatherers.

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Get the Facts

Super PAC
Use your iPhone or iPad to find out who is sponsoring what political add. Open the app, let it hear the add, and you’ll find out who’s behind that add.

  • FactCheckEd.Org From the Annenberg Public Policy Center, FactCheckEd provides quick links to over 90 “assessments of the accuracy of statements made by and about the presidential candidates.” Go to their original site for further information on other candidates for office.
  • 2012 Presidential Election This site is part of ProCon.org a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources that promote critical thinking. This section of the site focuses on the current election and lets you see what each candidate has to say about controversial topics. A great feature of the site is that it provides information on all presidential candidates, not just Obama and Romney.

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Debates: Videos and Transcripts

First presidential debate held on October 3, 2012
NY Times First Presidential Debate Coverage
This article from the NYTimes gives side-by-side coverage of the transcript of the debate with sources that provide fact checking.
Second presidential debate held on October 16, 2012
NY Times Second Presidential Debate Coverage
Another side-by-side comparison of facts with a transcript of the debate.
Last presidential debate held on October 22, 2012
NY Times Final Presidential Debate Coverage
Another side-by-side comparison of facts with a transcript of the debate.

Vice-presidential debate held on October 11, 2012

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Who Will You Pick

Participate in a quick poll to let us know who you’ll be voting for in the upcoming election. If you don’t see the form, go here to cast your pre-vote vote.

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History of Elections

These books will fill you in on the electoral process and previous candidates.

Shade, W. G., Campbell, B. C., & Coenen, C. R. (2003). American presidential campaigns and elections. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference
“This outstanding set makes a substantial contribution to describing and documenting presidential election campaigns in the US. It begins with eight essays examining specific historical themes and issues that characterize the American electoral landscape; one essay, for example, traces the development of nominating conventions and primary elections.” Choice Review
Reference JK1965 .A57 2002
Warren, K. F. (2008). Encyclopedia of U.S. campaigns, elections, and electoral behavior. Los Angeles: Sage.
“Well-known pollster, political analyst, and scholar Warren has assembled a comprehensive, jargon-free encyclopedia on how campaigns, elections, and voters shape and are shaped by the American political process. “ Choice Review
Reference JK2281 .E53 2008
Mieczkowski, Y., & Carnes, M. C. (2001). The Routledge historical atlas of presidential elections. New York: Routledge.
“From the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 through the election of 2000,The Routledge Historical Atlas of Presidential Electionstraces every presidential race in U.S. history.” Syndetics
Reference JK524 .M53 2001

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Reuters: 2012 Election News

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Other Sources of News

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Political Parties

  • Republican • National • Committee
    Official site of the Republican Party. Get the latest news and information from the GOP. Learn about Republican Candidates, connect with fellow Republicans, sign petitions and much much more.

  • Democratic Party
    This is the home page of the Democratic Party. It features links to various party officials, elected representatives, and state and regional Party web sites.

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  • United States Elections Project
    Created by Dr. Michael Macdonald of George Mason University, this site tracks early voting results. According to Dr. Macdonald:”Election officials may not report early voting statistics. I attempt to collect as much of the information about these ballots as possible. However, I do not hound election officials for these statistics because they are busy doing the important work of preparing for the upcoming election. Sometimes data will be available only at the local level. I cannot continuously scan for local data, so I appreciate tips on where to find data.Breakdowns of early voters by party registration, where available, are not votes for president.”

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Classroom Involvement

  • PBS - Vote 2012
    Provides the latest news and lesson plans for election 2012.

  • About Government
    Site was developed by the Dirksen Congressional Center, a non-partisan group whose purpose is to promote a better understanding of Congress. Site provides government branch information, including a congressional tour for children and congress in the classroom. Includes election and voting information.

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