Election 2016


NYS Board of Elections For New York state residents, you can find out if you are already registered to vote, apply for an absentee ballot, enroll with a political party, and more.
Long Distance Voter Won’t be near where you are registered to vote on election day? This site has guidelines for all 50 states on getting an absentee ballot. Check early and often so you don’t miss any deadlines!
Rock the Vote “Rock the Vote works to mobilize the millennial voting bloc and the youth vote, protect voting rights and advocate for an electoral process and voting system that works for the 21st century electorate. ” The site also has information on contacting your elected officials, how to find your polling place, registering to vote, and more.
Vote Smart Project Vote Smart has lots of information on candidates, and where they stand on issues. The Vote Easy test has you answer questions, and then shows you which candidates best match up with your answers, for both Presidential and Congressional races.
Vote411 Vote 411 is a project from the League of Women Voters. This site has a lot of great features, including ballot information. Enter the address where you are registered to vote, and the voters’ guide will show you “races on your ballot, compare candidates’ positions side-by-side, and print out a “ballot” indicating your preferences as a reminder and take it with you to the polls on Election Day”

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Polls and Stats

RealClear Politics Polls Daily updates on polls being run by various news and research organizations about the current election.

Statista 2016 Election Facts and statistics on the 2016 primaries, caucuses, funds raised by candidates, and more.

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Get the Facts

FactCheck.org From the Annenberg Public Policy Center, FactCheck.org is “a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news release”
ProCon 2016 Presidential Election This site is part of ProCon.org a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources that promote critical thinking. This section of the site focuses on the current election and lets you see what each candidate has to say about controversial topics and issues.
Politifact Politifact is a division of the Tampa Bay Times. Politifact “fact-checks statements from the White House, Congress, candidates, advocacy groups and more, rating claims for accuracy on our Truth-O-Meter. “ They link to all their sources. PolitiFact also has the Obameter , which they track President Obama’s campaign promises on.

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Election News

Reuters 2016 Election News

RealClear Politics The latest news, polls, and updates on the candidates

PBS NewsHour Vote 2016

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History of Elections

These books will fill you in on the electoral process and previous candidates.

Shade, W. G., Campbell, B. C., & Coenen, C. R. (2003). American presidential campaigns and elections. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference
“This outstanding set makes a substantial contribution to describing and documenting presidential election campaigns in the US. It begins with eight essays examining specific historical themes and issues that characterize the American electoral landscape; one essay, for example, traces the development of nominating conventions and primary elections.” Choice Review
Reference JK1965 .A57 2002
Warren, K. F. (2008). Encyclopedia of U.S. campaigns, elections, and electoral behavior. Los Angeles: Sage.
“Well-known pollster, political analyst, and scholar Warren has assembled a comprehensive, jargon-free encyclopedia on how campaigns, elections, and voters shape and are shaped by the American political process. “ Choice Review
Reference JK2281 .E53 2008
Mieczkowski, Y., & Carnes, M. C. (2001). The Routledge historical atlas of presidential elections. New York: Routledge.
“From the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 through the election of 2000,The Routledge Historical Atlas of Presidential Elections & races every presidential race in U.S. history.” Syndetics
Reference JK524 .M53 2001

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