FYE 1036: Myths, Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Poor, poor, little Alice! She has not only been caught and made to do lessons; she has been forced to inflict lessons on others.”
-Gilbert K. Chesterson

Books in the Main Stacks

You can search for books in the library in a number of ways:

Subject search: Mythology, Greek
finds any book on a certain subject BUT “subjects” are defined by the Library of Congress (so it’s Mythology, Greek not Greek Mythology)

Title search: Homer
finds any book with that word in the title (a quick way to find out if your topic has been covered in books)

Keyword search: “middle earth”
finds your keywords anywhere in the catalog description of the book (usually this search is the broadest as it will pick up even minor mentions of your topic)

Think about the ways you could describe your topic and try searching by those keywords in the library catalog.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Credo Reference
Credo is a database made up of hundreds of encyclopedias and reference sources. It’s a great first stop to help you define and understand your topic.

Search for your topic:

Reference Books (online and in print):
Children’s literature
The Oxford encyclopedia of children’s literature
The Homer encyclopedia
The Continuum encyclopedia of children’s literature

Find Articles

Use the library’s databases to search for articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. Academic Search Premier is a good place to start as it covers a wide variety of topics and contains a lot of full text.

Academic Search Premier

Two others to try for this class are:
Literature Resource Center

Citing Your Resources

Doing ethical research means citing sources. It is critical to credit writers for their work and their contributions to your research. To not do so is unethical and leads to plagiarism - unintentionally or not. Here are some sources to help you cite properly and to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

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