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Long Island

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Apollo Alliance
The Apollo Alliance is a coalition of labor, business, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution that will put millions of Americans to work in a new generation of high-quality, green-collar jobs. Inspired by the Apollo space program, the organization promotes investments in energy efficiency, clean power, mass transit, next-generation vehicles, and emerging technology, as well as in education and training.
Added by JB - Last updated: 5/26/2009

Cool Cities - Global Warming Website
So what is a Cool City? These are cities that have made a commitment to stopping global warming by signing the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement. Begun in 2005, the Cool Cities campaign empowers city residents and local leaders to join and encourage their cities to implement smart energy solutions to save money and build a cleaner, safer future.
Added by JB - Last updated: 5/26/2009

Cornell Cooperative Extension in NYC
Cornell University Cooperative Extension in New York City (CUCE-NYC) is a research-based educational organization that adapts to the evolving needs of communities, families, and individuals by engaging them in experiential learning opportunities that are based in research.
Added by JB - Last updated: 8/27/2008

Department of Energy Information Bridge
The DOE Information Bridge provides free and convenient access to full-text and bibliographic records of Department of Energy (DOE) research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics.
Added by JB - Last updated: 10/23/2007

Energy Citations Database
The Energy Citations Database contains bibliographic records of report literature, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations and patents on energy and energy related topics. It includes information from the Department of Energy and its predecessors, the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Atomic Energy Commission.
Added by JB - Last updated: 10/24/2007

Environmental Health Perspectives
The Environmental Health Perspectives, has been developed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). So that the NIEHS can better serve the community of environmental health scientists, regulatory agencies, and the interested public, it is offering its major publications and reports online. Federal depository libraries are being provided free access to this new service through an arrangement with NIEHS and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).
Added by JB - Last updated: 10/24/2007

Environmental Protection Agency
How prepared are you for a disaster? The EPA website has the latest information on what’s going on with the environment.
Added by MA - Last updated: 9/9/2008

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Publications Search
A database of online publications in pdf or html formats from the Environmental Protection Agency. Search by document number, title or words in the title. Search results include a brief description.
Added by JB - Last updated: 10/24/2007

Environmental Sites on the Internet
A comprehensive list of environmental links, maintained by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. See the subdivisions on the left for specific topics of interest.
Added by MA - Last updated: 9/9/2008

International Research Institute for Climate Protection
Discusses the monitoring and predicting of seasonal climate fluctuations, with the goal of improving human welfare and the environment, especially in developing countries.
Added by MA - Last updated: 9/15/2008

National Energy Research Database
Brought to you by the Network for New Energy Choices, the National Energy Research Database (NERD) is a free online research library for renewable and conventional energy. The NERD compiles academic studies, technical reports and research articles from the government and non-profit groups into a single, searchable database.
Added by JB - Last updated: 10/10/2007

National Library for the Environment
A “virtual library” maintained by the National Council for Science and the Environment, a non-profit organization (not a government site). Provides access to in-depth information on Population and Environment Links, Environmental Laws and Treaties, and Congressional Research Service Reports.
Added by MA - Last updated: 10/11/2008

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
The National Technical Information Service serves our nation as the largest central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information available today. For 60 years NTIS has assured businesses, universities, and the public timely access to well over 3 million publications covering over 350 subject areas. Our mission supports the nation’s economic growth by providing access to information that stimulates innovation and discovery. Maintained by the US Dept of Commerce.
Added by JB - Last updated: 6/13/2007

Natural Resources Research Information Pages
Start here to find databases related to the environment; conferences and research news; information about government agencies, institutions, and organizations; and outdoor recreation research.
Added by MA - Last updated: 10/11/2008

Nature Online Video Streaming Archive
For selected articles and letters Nature will present streaming videos that feature interviews with scientists behind the research and analysis from Nature editors.
Added by JB - Last updated: 5/29/2008

NEPIS The National Environmental Publications Information System
(NEPIS) is a database providing access to over 10,000 full-text documents from the EPA.
Added by MA - Last updated: 10/11/2008

We can’t live without them! The US Forest Service sponsors the site Celebrating Wildflowers which has information on pollinators as well as invasive and rare plants, even gardening.
Added by JB - Last updated: 6/5/2008

Sceince Inventory from the EPA
EPA’s Science Inventory contains more than 4,000 scientific and technical work products. Users can conduct keyword searches or can search within nine cross-cutting science topics: aging initiative, contaminated sediments, ecological assessment tools, genomics, tribal science, children’s health, cumulative risk, environmental justice, and non-indigenous species.
Added by JB - Last updated: 10/24/2007

Toxics Release Inventory Database
Courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) is a publicly available EPA database that contains information on toxic chemical releases and waste management activities reported annually by certain industries as well as federal facilities.
Added by JB - Last updated: 5/26/2009


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To find indexing and full-text information for these titles, check the Journal Locator.

Long Island Environmental Web Sites

Long Island


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