FYE 1055: Ethics in the Cyber Age

Books You Can Check Out

Bakardjieva, M. (2005). Internet society: The Internet in everyday life. London: 2005 Call #: TK5101.875.I57 B34 2005

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Citing Your Resources

Doing ethical research means citing sources. It is critical to credit writers for their work and their contributions to your research. To not do so is unethical and leads to plagiarism - unintentionally or not. Here are some sources to help you cite properly and to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

  • Citation Styles
    This lists citation engines which help you create proper citations as well as providing information on different citation styles.
  • Tips on avoiding plagiarism
  • Turnitin
    Turnitin is a service that faculty and students use to detect and avoid plagiarism in their writing.
  • NoodleBib
    NoodleBib is an online resource that will help you format MLA and APA bibliographies, exporting them directly to your word processing program.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Online Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Free Online Dictionary of Computing

Print Encyclopedias

Bidgoli, H. (2003). Encyclopedia of information systems. Boston: Academic Press. Call # T58.5.E535 2003.

Khosrow-Pour, M. (2005) Encyclopedia of information science and technology. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference. Call # Z1006.E566 2005.

Muller, N. (2000). Desktop encyclopedia of telecommunications. New York: McGraw-Hill. Call # TK5102. M85 2000.

Trauth, E. (2006). Encyclopedia of gender and information technology. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference. Call # TK5101.875.I57 B34 2005.

Find Subject Articles

Search the databases for scholarly journal articles:

Computer Science & Technology Databases

Philosophy Databases

Multi-subject (General) Databases


Search the Journal Locator for these publications:

  • Computerworld
  • Cyberpsychology & Behavior
  • Cyberspace Lawyer
  • Electronic Frontier: The Challenge of Unlawful Conduct Involving the Use of the Internet
  • Ethics
  • Ethics & Behavior
  • Ethics and Information Technology
  • Going, Going, Gone. Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat Internet Auction Fraud
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Management & Computer Security
  • International Journal of Cyber-Criminology
  • International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
  • International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics
  • International Journal of Internet Science
  • International Review of Law, Computers and Technology
  • Internet Research
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Ethics
  • Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy
  • Journal of Internet Law
  • Personal Computer World

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