MUS 1004: Survey of Piano Literature

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Keyboard music


Piano music - History and criticism

Music — 18th century — History and criticism

Music - 19th Century - History and criticism

Another approach to catalog searching is to do a keyword search on a composer’s name. Some examples:




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Citing Your Resources

Doing ethical research means citing sources. It is critical to credit writers for their work and their contributions to your research. To not do so is unethical and leads to plagiarism - unintentionally or not. Here are some sources to help you cite properly and to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

  • Citation of Sources
    This lists citation engines which help you create proper citations as well as providing information on different citation styles.
  • Tips on avoiding plagiarism
  • Turnitin
    Turnitin is a service that faculty and students use to detect and avoid plagiarism in their writing.
  • NoodleBib
    NoodleBib is an online resource that will help you format MLA and APA bibliographies, exporting them directly to your word processing program.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Boyd, M. (1999). Oxford composer companions: J.S. Bach. Oxford University Press The “thematic overview” feature (p. xv , ff) relates the comprehensiveness of this guide to the man and his music. Hundreds of signed and referenced entries span a multitude of topic areas. Those pertaining to individual works, musical genres, and various keyboard instruments may be of particular use. Ref ML 410.B1 J15 1999

Cooper, B. (Ed.) (1992). Beethoven compendium. New York: Thames and Hudson. Similar to Nettl’s Beethoven Handbook in approach, this work contains some lengthier entries, and a useful conspectus of the composer’s music. Ref ML410 .B4 B26 1992

Cross, M., & Ewen, D. (Eds.) (1969). Milton Cross new encyclopedia of the great composers and their music. New York: Doubleday. Each entry contains a synopsis of the composer’s major works, a biographical section, and analytical notes on his/her music arranged by type. (This format will facilitate finding notes on keyboard compositions specifically) Additional features include a dictionary of musical forms and glossary of basic musical terms. Ref ML 385 C7 1969 v. 1–2.

Dubal, D. (2001). The essential canon of classical music. New York: North Point Press. Biographical entries on over two hundred composers are arranged by musical era. Notes on major works appear for each, and a brief glossary of musical terms is included. Ref MT 90.D83 2001

Grout, D.J., & Palisca, C. (1996). A history of western music. (5th ed.). New York: Norton. Section on “Music for Piano” (P. 593 ff.) and entries on individual composers may be especially apt for this course. The work focuses on classical music. Ref ML 160.G872 1996

Nettl, P. (1975). Beethoven handbook. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press. An interesting approach to all things Beethoven. Book is arranged alphabetically and contains brief to page-long entries on the people, places, practices, and music of the composer’s life and time. See especially the section on his piano sonatas. Ref ML 410 B42 N4 1975

Sadie, S. (2000). The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians. (2nd ed.). New York: Grove’s Dictionaries. This 29-volume set provides extensive coverage of musical composers, history, forms, concepts, instruments, styles, performers, and more. Articles are lengthy and signed, with bibliographies following. Many illustrations and scores appear. Ref ML100 .N48 2000

Find Music Databases


For music periodicals that the library owns, click here.

To find music periodicals that are indexed in our databases (some in full text), click on this search of the Journal Locator.

Web Sites

American Musicological Society A comprehensive list of music-related resources Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005

Classical Music Navigator From Western Kentucky University, this site is meant to trace composers influences and the similarities in musical works throughout this genre, but components of the site can be of help to any kind of musical research. See especially the features on “Composers,” “Basic Library of Notable Works,” and “Index of Forms and Styles.” Added by RDF - Last updated: 6/21/2007

Classical Net Reviews of more than 1000 CDs, 4800 files and over 2600 links to other classical music web sites. Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005

College Music Society The College Music Society website is a great place to go if you are involved in teaching music, or researching creativity and musical expression. The Society is a consortium of college, conservatory, university, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music. Added by CC - Last updated: 6/25/2007

Hidden Treasures: Government Arts Research in the 21st Century Government documents are often overlooked when doing art research. However, there are numerous government agencies that still do extensive work in the arts. The most frequently cited agencies are the Smithsonian Institution (SI), the National Endowment for the Arts and the Humanities (NF), the National Park Service (I 29), and the Library of Congress (LC). Besides these agencies almost every other department, including agencies, commissions and congress, publishes documents related to the arts. Major categories include Art, Visual Art, Music, History and Architecture. Added by JB - Last updated: 11/14/2007

Indiana University School of Music Worldwide Internet Music Resources List of links to many music sites. Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005

Internet Resources for Music Scholars (Maintained by the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, Harvard University). Links to music-related sites for music scholars. Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005

J.S. Bach Homepage offers biographical information, bibliographies, and a catalog of complete works of the composer, some entries with commentary. It is particularly well-arranged for focusing on keyboard compositions, as works are searchable by instrument. Reviews of recordings are also available. Similarly well-appointed is this site on G. F. Handel Added by RDF - Last updated: 6/21/2007

Music Education at Datadragon Great basic music site for people wanting to learn or teach music. Includes info on how to read music and reviews types of instruments. Added by CC - Last updated: 6/25/2007

New York Public Library WWW Music Resources Many sites selected by The New York Public Library. Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005

Sibelius Academy: Instruments Contains links to a wide variety of musical instrument sites. Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005 Lyrics to more than 120,000 popular songs Added by JG - Last updated: 7/15/2005

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary Extensive and easy to use. Definitions contain many related links, are often illustrated, and even provide “suggested listening” addenda in some cases. Added by RDF - Last updated: 6/21/2007

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