The South Shore of Long Island, especially in the Oakdale vicinity, has a rich architectural heritage. Some of the greatest American Architects, Artists and Landscape Architects left their mark here:


Clarence Birdsal ?

H Edwards Ficken

Ernest Flagg

Charles Coolidge Haight

Hart and Shape ?

Alfred Hopkins

Accessory Buildings: Bourne Estate - Indian Neck Hall

Richard Morris Hunt

Vanderbilt Estate - Idle Hour The First Mansion

Richard Howland Hunt

Vanderbilt Estate - Idle Hour The Second Mansion

Warren and Wetmore

Vanderbilt Estate - Idle Hour The Second Mansion

Lord and Burnham

Isaac H Green

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Sylvain Salieres

Vanderbilt Estate - Idle Hour The Second Mansion, Urn


William Bason ?

Vanderbilt Estate - Idle Hour The Second Mansion

Landscape Architects

Beatrice Jones Farrand

Animal Cemetery: Cutting Estate - Westbrook

Martha Brooks Brown Hutcheson

Charles Wellford Leavitt and Sons

Frederick Law Olmsted

Olmsted Brothers

Research sources for this page:

MacKay, Robert B., Anthony K. Baker, and Carol A. Traynor. Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940. New York: Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities in association with W.W. Norton & Co, 1997.

Spinzia, Raymond E., and Judith A. Spinzia. Long Island’s Prominent South Shore Families: Their Estates and Their Country Homes in the Towns of Babylon and Islip. College Station, TX: Virtual Bookworm, 2007.

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