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From: Nancymclain E-mail: Question/Comment:11/2/14 - I grew up in Idle Hour in oakdale.In the early & late 50′s, my family & I dined there often & loved the old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake with the biscuit.,but my most memorable memory was meeting Bronco Charlie as a Girl Scout, where he autographed my book he wrote, as the first Pony Express rider. I wish I had kept that book,but as a kid, you can’t appreciate the value of that experience.Youth IS wasted on the young !!!

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From: Charlie Swartzfager E-mail: Question/Comment:10/24/14 - I was born in Patchogue in 1953. My father George was a Lutheran minister at Ridge Church My mother, Henretta Dodt was born in Medford where my grandparents lived until their deaths in 1967 and 1969. My grandfather Charlie Dodt had been the Superintendant of highways and my uncle, Carl was fire chief in Medford. My family moved to Ohio in 1957. but returned to visit my grandparents every summer until 1969. One of the highlights was going to my grandfather’s favorite restaurant, Bronco ,Charlie’s. My grandfather always requested Emil as our waiter. I also remember often geting their giant turkey drumsticks. We would also occasionly be treated to their deliscious lobster with the heated butter. Then to finish up we would have the parfait or orange sherbert in the silver dishes. The adults always had Manhattens and we got the cherries. Now 50+ years later I have very fond memories which are reinforced when I look at the books of matches and the little boxes of gold tipped wooden matches I have retained all these years.

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From: Jack Conklin, (Class of 1967) E-mail: Question/Comment: posted 2/20/2013 - My story is similar to the one by Patricia Cutler Hilton above. It appears that Bronco Charlie who said that he was born in 1849 or 1850 had a ‚?obig‚? birthday party at his restaurant in Oakdale; I am to guess that it was his 100th. My parents took me to that party when I was very young. The story that was told to me was that at some point I was placed on Bronco Charlie‚?Ts lap. My parents were concerned that I might fall asleep but I did not. In actuality he fell asleep while I sat there on his lap. My parents, and those who were caring for him, did not know what to do about removing me without startling him. My parents told me that I was a ‚?ogood sport‚? and stayed there until he finished his nap. I remember the interior of the restaurant and bar area and remember being awed by the ‚?olog cabin‚? appearance. I also have a vague memory of him sitting in his wooden arm chair. I don‚?Tt remember the event itself as I must have been too young.

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