Professor Emeritus of Psychology

BA Rutgers University; MA, PhD New School University

Selected Publications:

Mullen, John Douglas, and Byron M. Roth. Decision-Making: Its Logic and Practice. Savage, Md: Rowman & Littlefield, 1991.

Roth, Byron Mitchell. Coalition Formation in the Triad: An Integration of Game-Theoretic and Social Psychological Perspectives. Thesis—New School for Social Research, 1978.

Roth, Byron M. Competing Norms of Distribution in Coalition Games. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 1979. v. 23 no. 3 p. 513–537.

Roth, Byron M. Crime and child-rearing. Society. Nov-Dec, 1996. v.34 no.1 p. 39–45.

Roth Byron M. Critical Thinking for Decision Making. [S.l.]: Rowman & Littlefield, 1990.

Roth, Byron M. Prescription for Failure: Race Relations in the Age of Social Science. [Studies in social philosophy & policy], no. 18. [Bowling Green, OH]: Social Philosophy & Policy Center, 1994.

Roth, Byron M. Social-Science and Black-White .3. Social Psychology Racism. Public Interest. Winter 1990, no. 98 p.26–36.

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