Wannermeyer, T. (1996, October 14). Claudette Iskander Said 1938 - 1996. Lionís Voice, p. need.

Claudette Iskander Said 1938 - 1996

by Teresa Wannermeyer

Claudette Iskander Said, May 1996 Dowling graduate and Psychology major, died of unknown causes in her Sayville home on September 5, 1996. She was 58.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Said came to America twenty-seven years ago barely speaking English. She worked various jobs from retail sales to real estate, but her most important job was as a mother and a wife. “She always put her family first and was completely unselfish as she kept putting off her education,” stated her son, Richard Said, a Dowling undergraduate.

Six years ago Said made the decision to go back to school and get her degree in Psychology. Her son explained, “going to college was something she had always wanted to do and it gave her a purpose aside from her duties as a homemaker.” Her goal upon graduation was to work with women in the area of marriage counseling. “Graduation was seen as a new beginning to the rest of her life,” noted Mr. Said.

College was not easy for Said. “She had a lot of problems with the language,” stated Mr. Said. “She would tape her professors in class then go home and listen to the tapes over and over.” He also added, “She was very committed to her education and put a lot of effort into studying and attending classes.”

According to Dr. Scott Roulier, Assistant Professor of Political Science, “She was a delight to have in class because of her enthusiasm for learning and she thoroughly enjoyed the interesting discussions and interactions with other students.” Roulier went on to say that he found her to be, “very sensitive and compassionate.”

Said is survived by her husband, Fayez, and their three children Amin, Rita, and Richard.

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