Photo courtesy of Beverly Buck

Professor of Sociology

B.A., Samaldas College, India; M.S., Fisk University;
Ph.D., New School for Social Research


Russo, D. (2003, April 24). Dowling Loses Two Faculty Members. Lionís Voice, p. 1. (DCL Archives)

Selected Publications

Nimbark, Ashakant. “Clouds, Crowds, Creeds and Kudos.” Rensellaer Polytechnic 8 December 1965, 6.

Nimbark, Ashakant. “Gandhism Re-examined.” Social Research 31.Sp. (1964): 94–125.

Nimbark, Ashakant. “Hinduism in New York.” New York Glory, New York University Press, 2001

Nimbark, Ashakant. Honeycomb : papers presented on the occasion of the deinstitutionalizing of Raebeck. Oakdale, NY: Dowling College Press, 1976

Nimbark, Ashakant. “India.” World Topics Year Book 1977. Lake Bluff, Ill.: Tangley Oaks Educational Center. 1977.

Nimbark, Ashakant . Men in the middle: Marginality of a village, a caste and a political ideology in transitional India. (Doctoral dissertation. New School for Social Research. DAI, 28, no. 01A, (1966): 0305. AAG6705412.

Nimbark, Ashakant. “My Village in India Revisited: A Microcosm Transformation.” Social Education 33.7 (1969): 826–822.

Nimbark, Ashakant. “The Partyless Politics of the Underground Lion.” The Village Voice 5 September 1968, 10–17.

Campus Memorial

Nimbark Memorial
Nimbark Memorial, Library Reference Room

Nimbark Memorial Plaque
Nimbark Memorial Plaque

The Inscription Reads:

Dedicated to the memory of
Ashakant Nimbark
1932 - 2003
Beloved Teacher,
Colleague and Friend

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