Photo Courtesy of Beverly Buck

Professor of Psychology

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Obituaries and Remembrances

A Tribute to Dr Lucien Buck. (1998, September 23). Lionís Voice, p. 3. (DCL Archives)

Suffolk Life Obituary

Tribute to Lucien A Buck delivered 18 June 1998 by Bob Youth (DCL Archives)

Selected Publications

Buck, L. (1969). The Interrelationship Between Growth of Autonomy and Thought. Journal of Critical Analysis, 1, 40–48. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L. (1969). The Role of the Clinical Psychologist in the Treatment of Patients With a Hearing Loss. Express: The Long Island Speech Association, 6, 27–30. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L. (1970). Varieties of Consciousness: Comparison of Some Cognitive Characteristics. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 30, 183–186. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L. (1976). A Human Context for the Cultivation of Poetic Creativity. In K. Nimbark, L. A. Buck, & F. Silverblank (Eds.), Honeycomb: Papers Presented on the Occasion of the Deinstitutionalizig of Raebeck. Oakdale, NY: Dowling College Press. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L. (1976). Psychological Research and Human Values. North Quincy, MA: Christopher. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Barden, M. (n.d.). Body Image Scores and Varieties of Consciousness. Journal of Personality Assessment, 35, 309–314. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Cuddy, J. (1966, February). A Theory of Communication in Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice, 3(1), 7–13. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., Freshley, N., Lee, J., & Shapiro, L. (1976). Communication Therapy: A Reexamination. In D. Sankar (Ed.), Mental Health in Children (Vol. III). Westbury, NY: PJD Publ. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., Gallant, R., & Freshley, N. (1973). A Communication Therapy Program in a Hearing and Speech Center. Journal of Communication Disorders, 6, 53–65. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Geers, M. (1967). Varieties of Consciousness: I. Intercorrelations. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 23, 151–152. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Kates, S. (1963). Perceptual Categorization of Love and Anger Cues in Schizophrenia. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 67, 480–490. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Kramer, A. (1973). Opening New Worlds to the Deaf and the Disturbed. In J. Leedy (Ed.), Poetry the Healer. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Kramer, A. (1974). Poetry as a Means of Group Facilitation. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 14, 57–71. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Kramer, A. (1976). Poetic Creativity in Deaf Children. American Annals of the Deaf, 121, 31–37. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L., & Scammon, M. (1966). Perception of Incidental Success and Failure Stimuli by High and Low N Achievement Groups. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 22, 582. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L. A. (1968, April 24). Autonomy and Learning About Learning As Goals of Education. In Symposium on “The Nature of Learning and Liberal Education”. Symposium conducted at Adelphi Suffolk College, Oakdale, NY. (DCL Archives)

Buck, L. A., Ph.D., & Kramer, A., Ph.D. (1977, May). Creative Potential in Schizophrenia. Psychiatry, 40(2), 146–162. (DCL Archives)

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