Professor of Biology

B.Sc., Forman Christian College; M.Sc., University of Punjab;
Ph.D., University of Hawaii


Bascardi, T. (1997, October 3). In Memorium: Merv Kamran. Lionís Voice, p. 1. (DCL Archives)

Selected Publications

Kamran, Mervyn. Gypsy Moth and Its Insect Parasitoids on Long Island, New York. Journal of the New York Entomological Society, 1977. V. 85 no. 2 p. 61–70.

Kamran, Mervyn A. “Introduction of Neotropical Tachinids into Southeast Asia for Biological control of Stem Borers of Graminaceous Crops.” Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America. 19.3 ((1973): 143–146.

Kamran, Mervyn A. “Introduction of the Amazon Fly in the Philippines for Biological Control of Rice Borers.” Environmental Entomology 1.4 (1972) 527–528.

Kamran, Mervyn A. “Seasonal Fluctuations in the Abundance of the Monkey Pod Moth, Polydesma umbricola, in Hawaii.” Journal of Economic Entomology 61.4 (1968) : 1007–1012.

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