Professor of Biology

B.A., Haverford College; M.S., University of Pennsylvania;
Ph.D., Temple University

Obituaries and Remembrances

Cosgrove, Caroline. “Remembering Dr. Stephen Shafer” Lionís Voice, 13 October 2004, 7. (DCL Archives)

Cosgrove, Caroline. “Faculty Plants Garden Honoring Long-time Professor” Lionís Voice, March 2005, 1. (DCL Archives)

Newsday Obituary

Selected Publications

Shafer, Stephen Joel. Changes in protein content and levels of enzymatic activity in the abnormal abdomen genotype of drosophila melanogaster. (Doctoral dissertation, Temple University, 1972). DAI, 32, no. 12B, (1972): 6843. AAG7217715.

Hillman, Ralph, Stephen J. Shafer and James H. Sang. “The effects of inhibition of protein synthesis on the phenotype of Abnormal-abdomen.” Genetic Research (Cambridge) 21(1973): 229–238.

Shafer, Stephen J. and Ralph Hillman. “Gene control of soluble protein levels during development of abnormal abdomen in drosopila.Journal of Insect Physiology20 (1973): 223–230.

Seed, J. Richard, Stephen Shafer, Irving Finger and Carol Heller. “Immunogentic analysis of proteins of Paramecium.” Genetic Research (Cambridge) 5 (1964): 137–149.

Shafer, Stephen J., Stephanie Olexa and Ralph Hillman. “Macromolecular complexes of aminoacyl-tRNA synthestases in drosophila.Insect Biochemistry 6 (1976): 405–411.

Campus Memorial

Shafer Memorial
Shafer Memorial

Shafer Memorial - Detail
Shafer Memorial - Detail

The Inscription Reads:

In Memory Of
Stephen J. Shafer, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology & Natural Sciences
Dedicated March 23, 2005

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