Private Residences. Most of these buildings were built in the 1880′s and 1890′s to house the livestock that supported the estate. Most of the structures here are believed to have been designed by the architect Issac H. Green.

In the 1920′s, after the death of Mr Vanderbilt, and the sale of the Idle Hour Estate, the Farm Area was purchased by Lucy Pritchard Sawyer Thompson. Mrs. Thompson converted these buildings for human use and established an Artist Colony here in 1926–1929. Ever since then, this area has been home to many creative people.

Read more about the history of the Farm and Artist Colony.

Buildings in the Farm Area:

Cheese Houses ?

Clock Tower

Cow Barns and Bull Pens

Creamery ?

Eagle’s Rest

Farm Stable

Granery ?

7 Jade Street ?

Pig Pens or Piggeries ?

Poultry Houses ?

Queen Anne Cottage

Other Nearby Places of Interest:

Ash Pit


Pig Wallow

Pig Wallow
Pig Wallow Photo by Morton Fox

Turn Around Basin

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