Professor Emeritus of Education

BS New York University; MS Long Island University; PhD New York University

Selected Publications:

Silverblank, Francine. Analyzing the Decision-Making Process in Curriculum Projects. Education, 1979. v. 99 no. 4 p. 414–418.

Silverblank, Francine. “The Arithmetic of Reading.” Reading Improvement. 14.2 (1977): 109–11.

Silverblank, Francine. Fiedel School - Alternative Approach to Learning Through Arts. Education, 1978. v. 98 no. 3 p.316–319.

Silverblank, Francine. Neglect of basic Skills in Our Schools Has Borne Some Bitter Fruit. Education, 1977 v. 98 no. 2 p. 177–179.

Silverblank, Francine. “The New Technologies Can Work.” Reading Improvement. 11.3 (1974): 17–19.

Silverblank, Francine. “Responsibility, Anxiety, and Sociability in Male Students Talented in Mathematics or English.” Educational Leadership. 30.1 (1972): 41–5.

Silverblank, Francine. “Role Perceptions of the Ombudsman.” Intellect. 102.2354 (1974): 238–9.

Silverblank, Francine. Sense of Responsibility, Level of Anxiety, and Sociability in Suburban Male High Schools Seniors Who Are Talented in Mathematics and in English. Thesis (Ph. D.)--New York University, School of Education, 1970, 1970.

Silverblank, Francine. “Training for Inquiry Teaching—Is It Realistic? “ Education. 93.3 (1973): 228–9.

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