Friends Reflect on an Incredible Man Lion’s Voice December 2007: 2

Friends Reflect on an Incredible Man

Members of the School of Education Department remember an inspirational friend
and devoted member to the Dowling College community.

Dr. Clyde Payne:

Dr. Burger was a kind man that went out of his way to help others. You would often ask him how he felt, and even though he had some health problems for the past year, he would say, “Moreover, how do you feel.” Dr. Burger had his own philosophy which he often expressed by the written word. He was well-respected by his colleagues, associates and students, and he will be very much missed.

Carol A. Pulsonetti

Dr. Joey Burger and I were hired together years ago by the education department and we even shared an office together in the early years. He was the kindest, most caring person I ever knew at Dowling. . . he sincerely cared about everybody. Every year, he and I took care of the holiday gifts for the secretaries and grad assistants and he would have so much fun, wrapping the gifts and decorating them with Christmas decorations. He was always eager to help everyone with whatever they needed, and lived the word Compassion in Dowling’s motto. I shall miss my dearest friend and colleague Joey Burger.

Dr. Bernadyn Kim Suh

Josephus (my nickname for Joe based on a Mel Brooks character) was more than a colleague, he was my very good friend of the past 15 years. We shared a love of all things silly, including our attraction to the smell of new leather— something Joe and I would laugh about often. He was always there for me, looking out for me and offering me encouragement. When he recently became ill, I would often ask what I could do to make his life easier. His response was always, “Nothing, I just want you to be well.” When I think of him now, I feel happy, not sad. That’s what he would have wanted. Thank you, Josephus, for coming into my life, and for making me a better person.

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