The people who appear on this page in black or green type are listed in two booklets, found in the Dowling College Library Special Collections:

Dowling College Restoration Committee. Vignettes of Artist Colony Residents. In Idle Hour Artist Colony Memorabilia Collection (pp. 18–20). Miller Place, Long Island, NY: Laurel Publications, 1992.

Hart, Linda, and Nancy Flynn. Artist Colony at Idle Hour: Originally, W.k. Vanderbilt Farm, Oakdale, NY. New York: The Society, 2012. Print.

At this time, it is difficult to know if all of these people lived at the Idle Hour Artist Colony, or if they were represented by Lucy Pritchard Saywer Thompson and simply had their work exhibited at the Colony, or if they just visited the Colony.

In addition to artists; musicians, writers and actors also lived at the colony along with some interesting business people and personalities. This list is an attempt to sort through, and gather information about these people. In addition, we are starting to hear from our readers, telling us of other artists and people who once lived in the Artist Colony, their names appear in blue.

Paul Adams
Colony Address: # 10 Tower Mews
Advertising Executive
Married to Catherine Curtis

Ernest Albert
Artist - Painter
Exhibited: 2nd year in Artist Colony, 1930 National Academy of Design
Club Memberships: 1928 National Arts Club

Ms. Andersen
Colony Address: Poultry House on Featherbed Lane
Granddaughter of Hans Christian Andersen, She made prostheses

Florence Bezrutczyk
Prominent Graphic Artist
Lived in Colony 1970 -
Colony Address: Clock Tower on Tower Mews

Nellie Bryan
Interior Decorator and Artist
Colony Address: Piggery on Princess Gate
Married to Zimmerly Bryan
First resident of the Colony

Zimmerly Bryan
Colony Address: Piggery on Princess Gate
Married to Nellie Bryan

Roman “Bon” Bonet-Sintas
Artist - Caricaturist, Painter, Sculptor
Exhibited: 1928 in Artist Colony, 1928 National Arts Club
Known Artwork: “NY Subway”, Portraits of W.A.Thompson, Lucy S.P. Thompson, “Estelle Taylor Cartoon”

Joseph Boston
Exhibited: July 9, 1927 in Artist Colony, 1928 National Arts Club
Club Memberships: National Academy of Design 1901, Salmagundi Club, National Arts Club
Known Artwork: “Shepherdess” , “Moonlight on Lake Placid”

George Elmer Browne
Artist - Painter
Exhibited: 1928 National Arts Club, 1930 Salmagundi Club
Known Artwork: “Bait Sellers of Cape Cod”
Notes: Important artist, in many collections Europe and US.

Hilda and James Bunting
Colony Address: Brooder House on Featherbed Lane and Jade Street
The Buntings added a second floor to the Brooder House before the Artist Colony was declared an historic landmark
Front Door on the Brooder House came from the restaurant Saxon Arms, the former Vanderbilt Tea House

John Edward Costigan
Exhibited: National Academy of Design 1928

Morgan Cunningham
Financial editor of the New York Herald Tribune
Colony Address: Eagle House on Featherbed Lane

Catherine Curtis
Colony Address: # 3 Unit
President Metropolitan Women’s Athletic Club
Married to Paul Adams
Club Memberships: Metropolitan Women’s Athletic Club

Elizabeth Church
Colony Address: Duplex unit past cheese house on Tower Mews (destroyed by fire)
Notes: During the fire, her antiques were thrown to the street by firemen

Arthur D’Dartois

23 September 2008 >>message<< 21:58 by Alma Rands ? My farther Arthur D’Dartois, was one of the artists living in the Colony. We spent several summers there, and occupied the stables. This was around 1938. I leared to swim in the canal in back of the buildings. I have an oil painting painted by my father, of the entrance to the estate, showing the stables, and Tack room. I was 16 years old at the time, and well remember Bill Thompson and his mother Lucy. My father’s second wife, Beth LeSeuer was the cousin of Bob LeSeuer who was also at the colony. I believe that Bob was a sports announcer on the Radio at that time. If you wish further information about my father, Arthur D’Artois, you can contact me at ARands@comcast. net. I can send you a picture of the painting, which my father made as a birthday present for me, and now hangs in my living room.

Julio De Diego
Exhibited: July 9, 1927 in Artist Colony

Edward De Potter
Colony Address: Golden Horn

John Dilkes
Colony Address: Golden Horn
Notes: neighbor to Betty MacDonald and Austin Miller

Jim Dine
Painter and Sculptor
Colony Address: Jade Street
National Academy of Design 1994

Edwin Williard Demming
Artist - Illustrator
Exhibited: National Arts Club
Notes: Did illustrations for George Bird Grinnell, backed by H.D. Auchincloss and the Roosevelts

Jose Drudis-Biada
Exhibited: July 9, 1927 in Artist Colony, 1928 National Arts Club

Barry Dunbar
Writer - Novelist, Translator
Notes: Worked for Shuberts on Broadway

Claude Gonvierre
Lived in the Colony from 1939 −1963
Colony Address: Clock Tower on Tower Mews
His protege was Gary Towlen. The Clock Tower garden is dedicated to Gonvierre’s friend and mentor: Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Robeson Gore
Colony Address: Jade Street

Francis Gow-Smith
Colony Address: Piggery on Princess Gate
Lived in Colony: 1926–1927
Explorer - South American Jungles
Married to Carol Gow-Smith Morgan
Notes: Famous resident of the colony, died from fever picked up in tropics in 1927

Florence M. Greenwood
Colony Address: Fish Bowl on the corner of Jade Street and Frog Lane
Tapestry weaver, reproduced old rugs
Exhibited: In Artist Colony, date unknown

Lawrence Harris
Artist - Illustrator

August Hunt
Known Artwork: “Sails at Sunset”

Catherine Lawson
Artist - Sculptress
Club Memberships: (National?) Academy of Design
Notes: Bronze head received $300 Julia A. Shaw Memorial Prize in 1921

Jean Leher
Colony Address: Jade Street
Musician, Composer

Robert Le Sauer
Notes: Famous Actor, died in the colony

Leslie MacDonald
Colony Address: Jade Street
Aviator, Lieutenant, Spark in Idle Hour Aero Club
Son of Flora MacDonald, sister: Betty MacDonald Miller, Great-grandson of Donald MacDonald (1st Premier of Canada)
Notes: one of his guests was Theda Rosche, the Flying Fraulein, his airstrip was on the east side of Vanderbilt Blvd., flew to Bermuda

Joseph Mack
Colony Address: Poultry House on Featherbed Lane Lived in the Colony: 1960′s and 1970′s

Eric Maunsback Same person as: Edmund Malsch Maultaszche???
Exhibited: In Colony, date?
Known Artwork: “Child” (Sculpture), “Helen McCarthy” (Sculpture)

Helen Mc Carthy
Notes: Eric Maunsback did her portrait

Bibi Mc Manus
Colony Address: Nursery on Princess Gate

John J. Kitch McNamara
Purchasing Agent - Long Island State Park Commission
Colony Address: Queen Anne Cottage

Olga Meervold
Former Russian Countess, Costume Designer, Artist
Colony Address: Princess Gate Exhibited: In Colony, date?
Notes: decorated letters with small watercolors; As late as the 1950′s she lived on Princess Gate without electricity or running water.

Ferdinand Bulle Michelson
President, Bulle Clock Company
co-inventor of Bulle Clock in the Eiffel Tower

Betty MacDonald Miller
Colony Address: Golden Horn and later Princess Gate
Artist, Newspaper Woman, Artist Colony Promoter
Daughter of Flora MacDonald, brother: Lt. Leslie Macdonald, Great-granddaughter of Donald MacDonald (1st Premier of Canada) Married to Austin Butz Miller
Club Memberships: Board Studio Guild, Theater Guild, National Advertising Club, and Chamber Symphony Orchestra

Austin “Butz” Miller
Colony Address: Golden Horn
Actor, Motion Picture Director, Interior Decorator
Married to Betty MacDonald Miller
Notes: was an extra on Jack Holt’s Movie “Born to West”, Assited in Al Smith’s last campaign

Carl Miller
Colony Address: Chicken Coop on Princess Gate
Advertising Executive

Bronco Charlie Miller
Wood Carver, Celebrity, Last Pony Express Rider
Colony Address: Frog Lane and Golden Horn in a log cabin named Four Acres, although he called it Swash Jargon
Cabin no longer standing

Lynn Morgan
Colony Address: Piggery on Featherbed Lane
Married to Carol Gow-Smith Morgan

Carol Gow-Smith Morgan
sister: Marna Weston Patton
Married to Francis Gow-Smith and Lynn Morgan

Edwin Forest Murdock
Colony Address: Princess Gate
Artist - Painter, Patent Lawyer
Exhibited: In Colony on July 9, 1927
Notes: President, American Institute of Artists

Glenn G. Newell
Exhibited: In Colony on July 9, 1927
Club Memberships: National Arts Club 1928, National Academy of Design 1937, Salmagundi Club

Carl Nordell
Artist - Painter
Colony Address: 23 Jade Street
Club Memberships: Salmagundi Club
Notes: Well known artist

Roselle Osk
Artist - Etcher, Painter, Printmaker

Frederick L. Packer
Colony Address: Apt. in former dairy barn
Artist - Painter
Colony Address: Dairy Barn on Tower Mews
Known Artwork: “Sunset”, “Moonlight in California”

Henry Woodbridge Parton
Exhibited: In Colony, 2nd exhibit, National Academy of Design 1929

Marna Weston Patton
Married to Harry Allen Weston and Frederick Patton
sister: Carol Gow-Smith Morgan

Frederick Patton
Married to Marna Weston Patton

Lorena Peabody
Colony Address: Jade Street
Christian Science Advocate

Waldamar Peterson
Owner - Theatrical Company
Married to Bertha Peterson

Bertha Peterson
Owner - Theatrical Company
Married to Waldamar Peterson

Tom Prentiss
Author and Illustrator for Audubon Magazine and Scientific American
Colony Address: Golden Horn

Williard Proust

De Witt Reed
Writer, Publisher, Lawyer

Robert Rohde
Magazine and Short Story Writer based in New York and Chicago
His family lived in the Colony
Note: Might be Robert Rhode, master detective writer

Miss Ryan
Apt. in former piggery

Robert Schledorn
Colony Address: Queen Anne Cottage on Featherbed Lane

Paul Schwartman
Notes: His Christmas cards found in colony

Louis Seybold
Artist - Painter
His father was publisher of one of the largest German newspapers in US
Known Artwork: “Country Road in Winter”
Notes: he built a studio in one of the barns with a large sky light

George B. Shepherd
Artist - Portraits
Exhibited: In Colony on July 9, 1927

Sigard Skou
Exhibited: In Colony on July 9, 1927

Louis Szanto
Artist - Illustrator
Notes: got Mrs Thompson to break a contract with another art dealer so that she could represent him

Lucy Pritchard Sawyer Thompson
Artist Agent, Gallery Owner and Real Estate Developer
Colony Address: “The Gables” (Vanderbilt’s Laundry) and the Queen Anne Cottage on Featherbed Lane, may have had a unit in the Tower
Founder of the Artist Colony in 1926
Son: William Thompson III, Married to William Thompson Jr - VP of Texas Co. (Later Texaco)
Known Artwork:”Self Portrait”
Founded The National Society of the Colonial Mother in the Gables.

William “Bill” Thompson III
Colony Address: the Forge on Jade Street, maybe later a unit in former duck house
Ran Tally-Ho Inn
Mother: Lucy PS Thompson

Gary Towlen
Lived in the Colony: 1963 −1970 Colony Address: Clock Tower on Tower Mews
Inherited Clock Tower from Claude Gonvierre

Elaine Golding Tuthill
Swimming Champion (English Channel)
She died at the Colony

Lillian Von Kranz
Artist - Portraits
Exhibited: In Colony, date?
Listed as “Barroness Von Lilliankranz”

Myron Van Brunt
Artist, Decorator
Exhibited: In Colony, date?
Known Artwork: “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Miss Muffet”, “Cinderella”
Notes: did illustrations for children’s books

Known Artwork: “Young Boy”

Everett Warner
Exhibited: 1928 National Art Club, National Academy of Design 1937

Harry Allen Weston
Colony Address: # 3 the Granary on Tower Mews
Married to Marna Weston Patton
Known Artwork: “Quimper, France”
Notes: water colorist, A.N.A

Arthur Woelfie
Artist - Painter
Exhibited: In Colony at the 2nd exhibit, National Academy of Design 1929

Wilmott Wood
Craftsman - hand wrought iron and metal work
Notes: Owned a pig farm in Middle Island, supplied the Colony with wood

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