“Those who are remembered never die - they live in our hearts forever..”

-Kahlil Gibran (1883–1931)

Memorial in 1985 Yearbook
Memorial in 1985 Yearbook

The following people either have an on-campus memorial, and/or they were remembered in the pages of the Lion’s Voice or the College Yearbook. Please let us know if we have overlooked anyone. Our research in this area is ongoing.

See Also: Brookhaven Campus Memorials, Rudolph Campus Memorials, and People Behind Named Campus Buildings and Rooms

Giacomo A Alfieri

Warren H. Beebe

Nancy Brandenstein

Martin Breitkopf

Dr Robert Brown

Thomas F. Brunner

Dr Lucien Buck

James M Bunting

Dr Joseph Burger

John M. Clancy

Michelle Coleman

William Condon

Theron Corbin

Al Davidson

Francie Davis

Leroy E. Douglas

Robert Dowling

Dr Marvin I Ducker

Theresa Durso

Jim Eder

Phyllis Elefante

Karen Evers

Ann Fahner

Dr Ira Finkel

Charles T Fray

Wilma Frisbie

George J. Germain

Robina Gibson

Anthony Giordano

Donna Graetzer

Cecil L. Hall

Willard L Hogeboom

George Horn

Salvatore Iacono

Dr Mervyn Kamran

Stephen T Keogh

Alfonse Kessel

Dr Aaron Kramer

Christopher “CJ” Karpowicz

Mark Kurnatawski

Dr Oliver Lerch

John Maguire

Justin A. Maleski

Sandra Monteferrante Frohock PhD

Dr Kant Nimbark

Dr Irwin Oder

Luke Olszewski

Honorable Alan D Oshrin

Patrick Petersen

Deacon James Pickel

Doris O Pike

Robert E. Reid

Allyn P Robinson

Bonnie Rosa

Claudette Iskander Said

Bassillos Salkey

Matilda R Salomone

Vivian Scanlan

Martha Schmidt

Dr Hugh S Schulman

Dr Stephen J Shafer

John Shivers

Dr Frank Spingola

Isaiah Stanton

Dr Ann K Steinmetz

Dr Jerome I Traiger

Victoria Weldon

Cecilia Wilnau

Dr Alexis Wiren

Deborah Wynne

Gary Youree

Dr Robert Youth

Do you have information to add? Then please contact Diane Holliday.

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