Also known as the Jerry and Debra Kramer Science Center.

The Kramer Science Center was originally designed by the architectural firm of Warren and Wetmore between 1902–1904. It was converted to science labs and renamed after its benefactors, Jerry and Debra Kramer, in 1992 by the architectural firm of Baldassano Associates.

With the completion of this building, Warren and Wetmore went on to design and work on the Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Kramer Science Center - South Side
Kramer Science Center - South Side

Notice the similarities in the exteriors of these two buildings by Warren and Wetmore. Notice the columns and the windows.

Exterior Grand Central Terminal
Exterior Grand Central Terminal Photo by Kitby

KSC -Southern Exposure
Kramer Science Center - Southern Exposure

KSC - Eastern Exposure
Kramer Science Center - Eastern Exposure

Eaves Detail - KSC
Eaves Detail - Kramer Science Center

Today the Jerry and Debra Kramer Science Center is an instructional facility devoted to the natural sciences and mathematics. In addition to classrooms and faculty offices, the science center contains biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics laboratories, as well as Human Resources.

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