Professor of Emeritus of Biology

AB, Swarthmore College; ScD, Johns Hopkins University

Selected Publications

Conference Proceedings

Brown, Robert Z. “The Emperor’s Clothes: A Highly Personal Criticism of Some Relationships Between a Small Liberal Arts College and What it Purports to Sell - A Liberal Education.” Symposium on the Nature of Learning and Liberal Education. Adelphi Suffolk College, Oakdale NY. 24 Apr. 1968. Print.

Brown, Robert Z. “Rodent Control Problems in Developing Countries.” Proceedings. Proc. of Fourth Vertebrate Pest Conference, 3 Mar. 1970, West Sacramento, CA. N.p.: n.p., 1970. 140–43. Print.


Brown, Robert Z. “Populations: Problem for the Liberal Arts.” Colorado College Magazine Spring 1961: 3–5. Print.

Technical/Research Reports

Brown, Robert Z. A Regional Vertebrate Pest Control Reasearch Program for Southeast Asia. Research rept. no. SFWB 87278. Washington DC: Agency for International Development, 1972. Print.

U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Public Health Service. Biological Factors in Domestic Rodent Control. By Harry D. Pratt and Robert Z. Brown. Pub. no. 76–8144. Atlanta, GA: Center for Disease Control, 1976. Print.

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