Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures

BA, University of California; MA, University of Wisconsin; PhD, CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Selected Publications


Rosenstreich, Susan L., ed. Encounters With Quebec: Emerging Perspectives on Quebecois Narrative Fiction. Binghamton: Institute of Global Cultural Studies, 2000. FindIt@ALibrary

Rosenstreich, Susan L., Ann Steinmetz, and Elio Zappulla, eds. The Second First Art: Poetry in Translation and Essays on the Art of Translating in Honor of Aaron Kramer. Southold: Editions D’Autrui, 1996. FindIt@ALibrary

Book Chapters

Rosenstreich, Susan L. “Counter-traditions: The Marginal Poetics of Anne Hebert.” Poetry For Students. Ed. Anne Marie Hacht. Detroit, Gale, 2004. 63–70. FindIt@ALibrary

Rosenstreich, Susan L. “Consciousness to Conscience in Camus: The Embedding of the Author’s Mediterranean Experience in His Novels.” Spain & The Mediterranean. Eds. Benjamin F. Taggie, Richard W. Clement, and James E. Caraway. Kirksville: Thomas Jefferson University Press, 1992. 137–143. FindIt@ALibrary

Rosenstreich, Susan L. “Counter-traditions: The Marginal Poetics of Anne Hébert.” Traditionalism, Nationalism, and Feminism: Women Writers of Quebec. Eds. Paula Gilbert Lewis and Elaine Marks. Westport: Greenwood, 1985. 63–70. FindIt@ALibrary


Rosenstreich, Susan L. “Reappearing Objects in Lan Chanson De Roland.” French Review 79.2 (2005):267–279. FindIt@Dowling

Rosenstreich, Susan L. “The Uses of Tradition: A Comparative Enquiry Into the Nature, Uses, and Functions of Oral Poetry in the Balkans, the Baltic, and Africa.” Slavic Review 55.3 (1996):665. FindIt@Dowling


Rosenstreich, Susan L. A Scythian Among the French: The Role of Ivan Turgenev in the Societe Desk Cinq. Diss. City University of New York, 1981.

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