William K. Vanderbilt I, was fond of putting his insignia all over the Estate. Here are some examples in and around the Mansion:

These initials are found over the main entrance door.

Main Entrance Initials
Main Entrance Initials

This initial is on a chimney, visible from the Courtyard Garden.

Courtyard Chimney Initial
Courtyard Chimney Initial

This initial is on a chimney on the north corner of the mansion, visible from the Racanelli Center.

North Corner Initial
North Corner Initial

This Vanderbilt Family Coat of Arms adorns another chimney. It is located on the side of the Mansion which faces the Racanelli Center.

Vanderbilt Coat of Arms
Vanderbilt Coat of Arms

The acorn and oak leaves are symbolic in this insignia, which is one of two found on the lower level of the front loggia.

Acorn Insignia
Acorn Insignia.

There are four capitols on the upper level of the front loggia that have initials on them.

Upper Level,  Front Loggia - Detail
Upper Level, Front Loggia - Detail

This Initial is located inside the conservatory and over the door leading to the Cloister Walkways.

Initial Over Conservatory Door
Initial Over Conservatory Door

Randall A Vanderbilt ?23 March 2011, 03:42

What about the Vanderbilt family in california?? they all related???

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