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William K. Vanderbilt Silver Flatware | William K Vanderbilt Conch Berry Spoon, image courtesy of the Antique Cupboard.

For more images, see:

William K. Vanderbilt Set of Silver
William K. Vanderbilt Conch Berry Spoon

It is easy to imagine that this set of flatware once was used at Idle Hour. This custom made set by Tiffany & Co. was designed by Charles Grosjean. Notice the Vanderbilt coat of arms, symbols of the hunt such as a stag’s head and horn, and a reclining nude figure that could very well be Diana. 1

1 Hood, William P. Jr. Tiffany Flatware 1845 - 1905: When Dining Was an Art. Woodbridge, England: Antique Collectors’ Club, 1999. p. 294–297.

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