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From: James Mott E-mail: Question/Comment: 8/1/14 - This is the first year here in South Massapequa that I have heard and see the parrots. They are very noisy and seem to be everywhere. They are tough to see in my maple trees. I hope this won’t be detrimental to other species of birds.

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From: Ed Rizzi E-mail: Question/Comment: 7/17/14 - I seen one for the first time in my yard in N. Bellmore

From: Melanie Doerner E-mail: Question/Comment: 7/18/14 - Want to know what kind of feed these birds like. My neighbor, 94 years, passed on and I failed to ask what seed she fed her many parrots. I have pair now trying to establish a nest on the electric transformer pole. There is a huge nest a block south of me and I guess it is getting crowded so this pair wants to spin off. lol

From: Susan karp E-mail: Question/Comment: 7/25/14 - There is a very large established colony of parrots living south of montauk hwy in amityville. The main nesting site is built on a radio antenna that can seen at end of street by the bay from South bayview or Norman Ave. Other nests are built on transformers on adjacent streets

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