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March 03, 2015, at 12:59 PM by DH -
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From: Caroline E-mail: Question/Comment: 3/3/15 - My daughter in law & I saw at least 25 in the tree outside my dining room window about 1 pm in the afternoon on 1–28–15. It looked like someone hand decorated the tree with green & yellow ornaments, placed very carefully throughout the tree. Fantastic!

January 12, 2015, at 10:04 AM by DH -
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From: Sandie E-mail: Question/Comment: 4/14/14 - There were 4 green quacker parrots on my front lawn this morning in west islip south of union

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From: Mike E-mail: Question/Comment: 8/5/14 - Hi. i found the page about the Quaker Parrots on the South Shore. I saw two at Baldwin Middle School today. There are some woods and a park bordering the property. They were high up on the power line (no lights) making noise, then when I approached they flew towards the trees in the woods.

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From: Ellen cuty E-mail: Question/Comment: 12/20/14 - I saw approximately 2 dozen this morning on George at west islip on a front lawn. I drove by then backed up to get a closer look pics & video. Amazing sighting!

From: Karen Minissale E-mail: Question/Comment: 12/27/14 - On 12/25/14, I was walking with my kids along East Shore Drive in Massapequa, when my son spotted several green parrots in a tree. Upon closer look, we counted over 40 birds clustered in the tree! I thought that maybe someone owned all of these birds and just let them out for a while as the birds did not get spooked when we approached. They didn’t mind us standing there, talking and taking photographs. We later came across about 15 other birds in another tree, about 1/4 mile from the first tree. My parents have lived in this neighborhood for over 45 years and had never seen or heard about these parrots until my son learned about them on your website yesterday.

From: Norma Segarra E-mail: Question/Comment: 12/30/14 - I have a whole flock that come to my suet feeders in Valley Stream! I’ve been living here for 25 years in a different area and had NO idea we had them here until we bought a house in a different neighborhood a year and a half ago. Once I had my own house, I could set up bird feeders. I first saw two a year ago October and was shocked and delighted! My brother said “oh, there’s a flock of them off of Central Avenue by the Church”. Didn’t see them again until a couple of months ago when first several of them showed up and one day the whole flock was in the huge tree next door. Now I regularly get a half dozen or more on my suet feeders. I love it!

From: Lisa D’Elia E-mail: Question/Comment: 1/10/15 - They have been nesting for years around the block from my parents house just west of the west islip high school. Today I caught a few photos of 9 of them.

December 15, 2014, at 09:18 AM by DH -
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From: Julie Roberts E-mail: Question/Comment: 12/12/14 - 3 monk parrots stopped at my feeder this morning December 12th. I’m in Cedarhurst. They then spent most of the morning in a tree maybe 20 ft up.

From: Jim E-mail: Question/Comment: 12/13/14 - Seen 4 on three occassions. Once in my tree in August. On my garage early October. Funniest was last week. Dec 3, 2014. The four parrots were flying in formation across My yard. These were all sightings in 2014. I live in south merrick near merrick road.

November 20, 2014, at 09:21 AM by DH -
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From: Leo Ferrando E-mail: Question/Comment: 11/14/14 - In Seamans neck park located in Seaford LI., there are hundreds of them! Giant nests on the baseball field lite poles. They often visit my two crab apple trees in my back yard for a bite to eat.

October 27, 2014, at 09:50 AM by DH -
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From: Mara E-mail: Question/Comment: 10/12/14- Baldwin park large nests in all the baseball pole lighting platformsloud singing for the double header very happy bird families

October 07, 2014, at 11:35 AM by DH -
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From: Janet Verdi E-mail: Question/Comment: 10/4/14 - Have been hearing loud squawking the past couple of mornings. This morning to my surprise there was a small flock of small parrots outside on the telephone wire. Very cool to see them in West Islip!

October 02, 2014, at 01:30 PM by DH -
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From: Jim Finn E-mail: Question/Comment: 9/21/14 - There is a very large wild parrot nest on the utility pole corner of ripple water and South Bay drive in nassau shore Massapequa NY. Every morning they leave the nest shortly after sunrise. Odd sounding

From: Lisa Worme E-mail: Question/Comment: 9/25/14 - Spotted Wild Parrots in Massapequa NY on Broadway. Seven loud squawkers announced themselves and appeared to be considering taking up residence on an electrical pole outside a laundromat. One of them fussed for a while with a thin stick.

September 11, 2014, at 10:26 AM by DH -
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From: Skip Della Porte E-mail: Question/Comment: 9/5/14 - PSE&G ripped down 3 large nest in Lindenhurst on Strong Ave, Montauk highway and off of Wellwood. They have moved to 2 large trees on either side of the Rivera canal in American Venice just off Montauk highway. I regularly have 10 or more on the wires across from my home on E Clearwater. They fly as a group and squawk as they do. Sounds like a rain forest. I love it.

August 28, 2014, at 12:52 PM by DH -
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From: Michael Sequeira E-mail: Question/Comment: 8/18/14- There is a large nest on Ogden rd in west Islip with approximately 8 to 10 birds

From: Michelle E-mail: Question/Comment: 8/22/14 - We have about 25 parrots that have moved in to our backyard about toe weeks ago. We live in massapequa, south of Merrick toad in biltmore shores.

From: Alan Lapidus. 8–23–14 E-mail: Question/Comment: Just saw about a dozen of those green parrots fly right over my vehicle on a street about a block south of Merrick Rd. in Bellmore just adjacent to a Hess station. Thought I was still experiencing the after effects of the brown acid I took at Woodstock, but the guy in the car behind me stopped to look also (and I don’t remember seeing him during Jimi’s set) so I guess I wasn’t seeing things after all. Gives a whole new meaning to the word “anomaly”. A real tropical treat up here in snow country. Couple holder monkeys short of a trip to Costa Rica, but I’ll take it

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