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April 2011

An Interview with Dr. Elana Zolfo: Vice President of Corporate Programs/Continuing Education and Interim Provost

by Peter Rice
April 19, 2011

Dowling College has long been known as a top-rate personal college. Whether your field of study is in education, business, or one of the other highly accredited undergraduate programs, you can be assured that the faculty and staff at Dowling College will go the extra mile to lighten your concerns.

Frostbitten Fever

by Caroline Galeotafiore
April 19, 2011

Something suddenly happens,
And your body slightly shakes.
Countless minuscule convulsions
Act like personal inner earthquakes.

Dear Broken Hearted

by Peter Rice
April 18, 2011

This is the story of a broken hearted girl
Who sailed the seas on a ship named Pearl.
She once had a lover for a friend,
And thought that things would never end.


by Mark Breckles
April 15, 2011

Warren Ellis proves once again why he belongs in the upper-echelon of modern comic book writers with his latest-release Supergod. Ever since Alan Moore’s Watchmen, it has been almost a rite of passage for writers to question the role of superheroes in comics. Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass ponders what would happen if everyday people turned to vigilantism.

Chicago Bound

by Kathleen Scott
April 15, 2011

On Saturday, February 23rd, 2011, a group of 30 people boarded a bus at the Performing Arts Center in Oakdale to see Chicago on Broadway. We were incredibly fortunate to have deliciously gorgeous weather. In fact, it was warm and sunny; and, when we reached the city, it was 50 degrees!

Aviation and Alpha Eta Rho

by Thomas Richter
April 13, 2011

Alpha Eta Rho (AHP) is an International Collegiate Fraternity that has been with Dowling College for over 40 years. The purposes of AHP are: to further the cause of aviation in all of its branches, to instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation, to promote contacts between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession, and to maintain and promote the highest moral standards as members of this unique fraternity. With that in mind, we are working closely with the Dowling aviation clubs to plan and organize events for the student body.

The Dowling College AAAE Hosts Their Annual Alumni Night

by Rowland George
April 13, 2011

On March 3rd, 2011, the Dowling College Student Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) hosted their Annual Alumni Night, with great success. Over 100 students and faculty gathered to learn more about the aviation industry through the experiences of two Dowling alumni: Gavin Beharry, Operations Manager of JFK International Air Terminal 4, and Lawrence Cutler, currently a corporate captain for Allen & Company.


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