Jun 26, 2017


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Towering Below the Rim

by Alysha Abrams

What makes a star athlete? A six-foot-six mountain of muscle? Perhaps. How about a four-foot-two determined powerhouse? Definitely! The New York Towers is just that, a championship star-filled basketball team of powerful Little People athletes. They are not kids, they are not a joke – they are intelligent, determined basketball players who teach a valuable lesson.

Managed by Clinton Brown III, The Towers, through their athletic prowess and frank discussions, are the epitome of making the most of what you have. They think more of using their talents than making excuses for their “short” comings. The team teaches a simple formula: heart + drive = success.

The Towers play other sanctioned teams in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA). In their first year as a team, they were able to win the bronze medal in the DAAA competition. Through hard work, determination, and skillful strategy, the following year they clinched the gold. The team also plays exhibition and charity fundraisers against teams whose players are average height. In both cases, the size of the court and the height of the baskets are standard regulation. When playing against other Little People teams, no accommodations are made. However, when playing against average-sized players, in order to accommodate for the tremendous difference in height, there are two minor rule changes: The opposing average-sized athletes must permit a bounce on both a rebound and passing. Both teams play to win. However, winning is not as important as playing like a winner. The Towers prove that they are not too small and that no challenge is too big.

Visit The New York Towers at www. nytowersbasketball.com to find out more about the team and their cheerleaders.



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