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Dowling’s Own September Expo

By Melissa Theodorakatos
September 19, 2010

On Wednesday, September 15th, Dowling hosted its annual September Expo in order to introduce new students to the clubs and activities of the Student Government. Each club was given a section of a table to display club information boards and any materials needed for this event. Club leaders were seen handing out fliers, talking about club activities, and encouraging students to sign up for club mailing lists in order to stay active on campus.

Photo courtesy nytimes.com

Dowling’s own “The Nerds” performed throughout the event along with a live DJ that took over during the band’s breaks. Inflatable party bouncers were set up near the entrance to the Racanelli path, giving students the opportunity to have fun in between classes. A green screen was set up by the entrance into the Racanelli center to give students a chance to take a picture keepsake with one another; it was then superimposed onto a background of their choice. Across from the photo station, a long line of students was to be noticed by the area in which the free food was served. Each club also had treats of their own, ranging from cotton candy and snow cones to candy and more.

Every club left the event with new interested members and more ideas for the future during this academic year. Anyone attending the event would agree this year’s September Expo was a huge success, brining students and faculty together to help promote the wonderful student activities available around campus. For more information on clubs that were represented at this event, visit: http://www.dowling.edu/clubsorgs/clubs_new.php



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