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The Suffolk County Poet Laureate Comes to Dowling!

By James Wagner

For the last four semesters, the Spoken Word Poetry Club at Dowling has had a history for bringing in outside poets from the Long Island Poetry community for readings. On Feb 23rd, that tradition was continued with the current Suffolk County Poet Laureate, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan!

The poet is the current Suffolk County Poetry Laureate, 2009–2011. She is the founder and president of The North Sea Poetry Scene and Editor of The Long Island Sounds Poetry Anthology. Her book Let Me Tell You Something was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Tammy has given readings and workshops across the Island and is regarded widely as a wonderful poet and entertainer. Her first visit to Dowling College was in March of 2010, when she was one of the featured performers for the launching of the Examination Anthology, Long Island Poetry from Students to Laureates. She featured along Cliff Bleidner, founder of the Performance Poets Association, Mankh, owner of All-Book Books, and Doug Swezey, board member for the Long Island Poetry Collective. She, along with the other poets, commented on Dowling’s lovely atmosphere, and its welcoming environment to poetry. And when Tammy was asked to return for another performance, her answer was an affirmative one without hesitation.

Tammy’s own poetry organization, The North Sea Poetry Scene, is known for its fun poetry readings and their annual publication, Long Island Sounds, an anthology featuring the work of many prominent Long Island Poets, including Dowling’s own Dr. Virginia Walker.

Dowling’s reputation in the poetry world has certainly grown to the point that poetry leaders and poet laureates are more than happy to come perform here. As a poetry leader, and an amazing entertainer, Dowling College is more than happy to have Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan read here, and the Spoken Word Poetry Club is honored that its efforts have not gone unnoticed within the poetry world.


Dr. Bernadyn Kim Suh, Associate Professor of Education — 07 April 2011, 12:44

Thank you for the lovely article on Kappa Delta Pi…Xi Chi, Dowling College’s chapter has been in existence for over 30 years and thousands of students have been inducted yearly in a beautiful and moving ceremony. Xi chi chapter sponsors four awards: The William Condon Award, Honsberger Award, Clyde Payne Minority Award, and the Bernadyn Kim Suh Award. All are presented at the annual induction.

A Night in Transylvania

By Melissa Theodorakatos

The Dowling College GSA kicked off the spring semester on February 3rd with their Rocky Horror Picture Show event. Club member, Jim Rhodes, hosted the event in a full costume to help set the mood for the cult-oriented movie night. The club provided attendees with a family style meal followed closely by a traditional Rocky Horror theatric night. Students were seen gathering on couches around the television as the group took part in “call-outs,” as well as in some other exciting customary activities. Other students gathered in the back of the Lion’s Den to mingle and socialize over dinner and catch up with friends who have been gone during the winter session.

Prior to watching the movie, Co-President Joanna Goodman led the group in a “Time Warp” tutorial in order to ensure full group participation during the corresponding scene in the film. When the time approached, every student watching the movie rose to their feet and joined with one another in an almost perfect dance routine. The group also took part in using the provided props given out before the film during designated scenes of the movie. It was wonderful to see the Dowling Community join together and celebrate a remarkable evening.

The night ended with a small discussion between the club presidents and the remaining attendees. They discussed the future of the GSA, along with other off-campus opportunities for students, such as poetry anthologies and community service institutions. For more information on future GSA events, or for information on any off-campus opportunities for students who want to become involved in the LGBTQ community, please contact mat9@ dowling.edu or jmg24@dowling.edu.


Celebrating with Kappa Delta Pi

By Peter Rice

Founded March 8, 1911 by Dr. William Bagley at the University of Illinois, Kappa Delta Pi, an international Honor Society in Education, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. From the moment of its creation, this honor society sought to achieve excellence in education while promoting partnerships between dedicated teachers. Kappa Delta Pi – representing knowledge, duty, and power – has pioneered the world of learning as its chapters stretch out around the world.

Over time, Kappa Delta Pi has had members such as George Washington Carver, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and others who promoted and enhanced its dedication towards scholarship excellence. You too can step forward into these reputable ranks where you can charge towards a better future.

If you are interested, Dowling College’s Kappa Delta Pi chapter welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate applicants should have completed at least a semester of student teaching, and have senior status with a grade point average of 3.50 before the consideration process can begin. Graduate applicants need a grade point average of 3.50 with the additional requirement of having completed at least nine credits in Education and eighteen credits towards their major. Both applicants should receive references from two professors (by obtaining their signatures on their application form) and acquire their transcripts (which may be unofficial). For even more information, visit http://www. dowling.edu/KDP/join.shtm.

When inducted, your professional growth and enhanced teaching practices will continue to soar towards the sky with a foundation of support to carry you there. Fighting to improve the education for all citizens of the world, you will be entering a community of diverse educators that exemplify leadership. By being a member of this honored society, resources and opportunities are openly provided to better encourage your innovation and dedication as an educator. Celebrating its centennial anniversary on March 5, 2011, this Society happily reflects on its diverse and dynamic community of educational professionals. Offering conferences, publications, and a website, Kappa Delta Pi presents practicing teachers and students relevant resources that better their overall performance in the classroom. Beyond this, scholarships and grants, awards, career building tools, a vibrant community, and opportunities for professional developments are offered to those who are a part of this prestigious society.

Learning from the past, studying the present, and gazing towards the future, Kappa Delta Pi will continue to do great things. We celebrate now a hundred years of great successes, while anticipating a hundred more to come.


Valentines That Celebrate All Love

By Melissa Theodorakatos

The GSA celebrated Valentine’s Day this year by hosting a create-your-own Valentine event for the Dowling Community. On February 10th, a table filled with a wide assortment of craft items was set up near the entrance of Racanelli. Colored paper, scrapbooking designs, stickers, glue, glitter pens, markers, and other items were scattered around to make for a youthful, fun craft table. Anyone who took part in the event was given the option of creating a donation Valentine which would be sent to troops fighting for America overseas. A small selection of baked goods was also on sale for students and faculty to purchase in order to help the club pay for shipping. Within the first hour of the sale, groups gathered around the table cutting and pasting hearts on a variety of colored paper to create beautiful and unique cards for their loved ones and for our soldiers. The participants were happy to be given the opportunity to express their creative side.

The sale allowed partakers to travel back to their childhood and create an emotion-filled card, personalized to their liking. The sale was a huge success for the GSA: its favorable outcome brought awareness to the existence of the club and provided a wonderful opportunity for individuals to become involved in a great community service opportunity. The club collected over two dozen cards for the soldiers, ensuring that a group of our honorable men will receive a loving and warm Valentine’s Day wish as a reminder of the overwhelming amount of support they have back home. If you would like to find out more information, please contact mat9@dowling.edu or jmg24@dowling.edu.


Gleetastik Tuesdays at Dowling

By Melissa Theodorakatos

The GSA, Drama Club, and Music Club will gather together to host their very own Glee nights every other Tuesday throughout the spring semester. On February 8th, Gleektastic Tuesdays hosted a decent sized group of students in the Lion’s Den where they watched the extremely popular show. All the clubs involved hope that this event will create a community through their collaboration, as well as provide a place for all the Gleeks around campus to join together and celebrate every other Tuesday during the semester. Look around campus in the upcoming weeks for the future dates of our Gleektastic Tuesdays. Whether you are a hardcore Glee fan, a casual viewer, or just someone who wants to find out what all the hype is about, you will not want to miss these events. For more information, please contact jmg24@dowling.edu.



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