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Raven’s Quill: A Place for Writers

By James Wagner
February 11, 2011

One of the more prominent up-and-coming clubs on campus—the Raven’s Quill––is in its third semester here at Dowling. It’s the perfect club for creative writing majors, considering the club was formed with the mission to help students tailor their writing for publication—and several of its members are already published writers.

The club meets nearly every week and creates a friendly environment for writers to share their work. There is typically an open read, where the members are free to share their work; as well as a workshop-type atmosphere, where they can get opinions, feedback, and advice from published authors on what might be beneficial to do if they are intending to seek publication. Perhaps the greatest help the club provides to aspiring writers is their “write-in” sessions, where the members sit down together for a length of time for the sole purpose of working on their writing in a group-like atmosphere. In the busy, fast-paced world in which we live, sometimes it helps to set a specific time aside to write; and what better excuse is there than to write with friends?

The Fall semester of 2010 saw several events hosted or co-sponsored by the Raven’s Quill, staring off with a screenwriting workshop given by English department chair, Dr. Gidding, which had an attendance of over 15 people. Throughout the semester, Raven’s Quill co-sponsored several events with the Spoken Word club, including the book launch for Perspectives: Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities and the Haiku Workshop.

Perhaps the Raven’s Quill’s greatest success in terms of events this last semester was their “Tales of Terror” reading around Halloween. The conservatory was decked out with scary decorations, students came in costumes, and several readers shared their tales of zombies, cannibalism, and were-creatures. The event, ending on a Vincent Price reading of “The Cask of Amontillado,” captured the embodiment of Halloween and fun writing. The final event of the semester, co-sponsored by the Spoken Word club, was a book fair of both used and new books. Several student authors, faculty authors, and outside authors attended the event with their books for sale. The evening ended with a nice round-table discussion from the various writers about the “author’s journey” and the publishing field in the 21st century. This Spring, the Raven’s Quill hopes to continue with its history of worthwhile events, including a potential “Publishing Workshop” and additional readings. Members are also endeavoring to start up their own publication of fiction works by authors of the Dowling community.

Not every college has a writing club, much less a club devoted specifically to getting work ready for publication. For creative writing majors, aspiring writers, or even experienced writers, the Raven’s Quill is a bit of luck, a breath of fresh air, and a welcoming environment where writers can forge connections and friendships along the never-ending, winding path of the “author’s journey.”


Thank You for the Music: Dowling’s Music Club

By Alyssa Copeland
February 11, 2011

The Music Club, led by President Christina Ring, has had quite the busy semester; from running the To Write Love on Her Arms benefit concert on September 29th, to taking a trip into New York City to see the musical American Idiot in December, the club has worked hard to keep students on campus interested in music. And that remains the same for the upcoming Spring semester. As students prepare for tough classes, homework, and busy schedules, the Music Club has plenty of great events to give students a break and a chance to relax through music.

Although the club had combined their meetings with the Catholic Club last semester, the meetings were very productive and led to some great ideas for events on campus. One such idea was to have professors at Dowling discuss with students different types of music. From classical to jazz, from musical theater to modern rock, these lectures surely will be both educational and inspiring to those truly interested in music. But the one idea which had many students excited is Gleek Nights, which is also co-sponsored by the Drama Club and the G-S Alliance. Inspired by the hit show Glee, Gleek Nights is sure to draw many as they can look forward to a fun night filled with food, fun, and their favorite Glee songs and music videos. Although no dates have been set in stone yet for either the professor chats or the Gleek Nights, be sure to check the event tables, as dates will be posted soon.

The main event for the Music Club, however, is the Battle of the Bands scheduled for May 9th. Students will get a chance to hear some of Dowling’s amazing musical talent as bands will play and compete to be voted the best band of the competition. There are still spots available, and the President encourages both local musical acts and Dowling students who love to perform to sign up and help make the event great. If you are interested, please contact Christina Ring at car1@dowling.edu.

For students interested in joining the Music Club and helping out with the events, be sure to keep an eye out for meeting times as all are welcome to meetings, regardless of major; the only requirement to join the club is to love music. You can also join their Facebook group, the Dowling College Music Club. This semester will be full of planning and activities, so come join in on the fun!



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