Jul 25, 2017


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Grace and Peace

By Ashton Bell

My name is Ashton Bell, and I am the President of an exciting club here at Dowling College, True Life Ministries. We believe in the basic Christian fundamentals; however, we are more than happy to have members of other religious backgrounds join the club and participate in our thrilling events.

During the fall semester, True Life Ministries hosted our September Welcome event at United Skates of America, where its members enjoyed an afternoon of skating, food, and games. On November 9th, the club held its first ever Gospel concert. The participants were treated to various forms of Gospel music, including rap, traditional, jazz, neo-soul, and instrumental.

This semester, we will be hosting a Game Night in March, a flower sale for Mother’s Day in May, and on April 13th, at 6:00 pm in the Ballroom, you are invited to The Annual Youth Rally! True Life Ministries has monthly meetings the last Thursday of the month in various locations. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me anb3@dowling. edu. Hope to see you at our events!


The Drama Club

By Alyssa Copeland

After a great fall semester filled with good times, productive meetings, and great campus events, the Drama Club is ready to start its spring semester. March will be quiet, but only in order to plan the great things happening in April; one such event will be Performing Arts Night and will be held on April 14th. P.A.N. is in its second year, after a wonderful start in spring 2010. Many clubs on campus will be involved for a night filled with skits, music, sketches, and other acts put together to represent the diversity of our campus culture. Another grand event being sponsored by the club in April is sure to please everyone as it involves light sabers. That’s right: L.I. Jedi Stage Combat is coming to Dowling! It will be brought to us by the Drama Club with the help of Rachel Frey, a member of both the club and L.I. Jedi Stage Combat. For one night, students will get the chance to wield light sabers, practice their moves, and stage fight one another while instructed by the trained “jedis” of the Jedi Stage Combat group.

Thanks to the efforts of the club members, and their advisor, Professor Kim Poppiti, the Drama Club is an active, productive organization on campus. Their events will be fun and entertaining and will help students enjoy themselves while taking a break from the hectic world of academics and books. If you are interested in joining the club, please contact the club’s president, Meg Pascal at mep5@dowling.edu. You can also join the club on Facebook to keep up to date with club meetings and events.



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