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Dowling’s Newest Addition — Conatus: The Social Sciences Journal

By Melissa Theodorakatos
September 22, 2010

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1. What is Conatus: The Social Sciences Journal of Dowling College?

Conatus is a social sciences journal that will be comprised of outstanding papers written by the students of Dowling College. Think of it essentially as a social science counterpart to Riverrun. You need not be a social science major to submit work. You can submit either original work or papers you have written for classes (you are encouraged to make revisions to previously-written papers to improve them before submitting).

2. Who are the individuals responsible for choosing work for submission?

The editorial board consists of three students—Jack Edelson, Ryan Kilfoil, and Phil D’Amico—with oversight from our faculty advisor—Dr. Brian Stipelman. To ensure fairness, all submissions will be read author-blind; Dr. Stipelman will receive the submissions, remove the names, and pass them on to the editorial board for review.

3. What type of work are you looking to include in the social sciences journal?

Work in the various social sciences and certain related fields like history and philosophy are accepted. We’re looking for papers that are around 15 pages, but works of other lengths may be considered. Full details are available on the submissions guidelines page (see also #5).

4. Are social science documents the only material included in the journal?

See #3; only material that meets the submissions criteria will be considered for publication.

5. What paperwork, if any, should students fill out in order to take part in the journal?

We have a submissions guidelines page and a coversheet. If you’re interested, please email Jack Edelson at jxe9@dowling.edu and he will send you both forms and answer any further questions you may have.

6. By when should students submit their work?

Student submissions are due no later than December 31, 2010.

7. (To Dr. Stipelman) When do you expect the journal to be available for viewing?

The journal will be available online starting in the spring of 2011.

An added statement from Jack:

I’d just like to add that this journal is the brainchild of Dr. Stipelman; we editors are merely following humbly in his footsteps. Also, if you want to discuss the name, Conatus is Latin and translates to “endeavor” or “striving.” Finally, I would like to add that we are extraordinarily lucky to have found an excellent layout/design person by the name of Melissa Theodorakatos.


SGA Upgrades

By Melissa Theodorakatos
September 16, 2010

Photo Courtesy nutmeg.edu

Anyone walking into the main entrance of Racanelli may immediately notice the new bulletin board located on the wall behind the SGA table. Last week, SGA leaders were seen putting up club signs to help promote the events going on around campus. This new bulletin board allows each club to post upcoming meetings and events in hopes to increase promotion of their club on campus. The SGA announced the addition of the new board during its first meeting on September 8th and encouraged all presidents to make use of this new feature.

Another new addition to the SGA is the implementation of club facebook pages, which was also discussed at the first meeting. Facebook has become the number one way to promote club events and activities, which is why an integration of the pages on the Dowling website will hopefully come about in the near future. Until then, members can still find their clubs on facebook after a simple search or a quick email to their respective club president.

For the most part, the SGA is maintaining many of its procedures as carried out in the past; but as technology expands, so does our school. We can only expect greater things in the future for the clubs of Dowling College with the help of the internet and other technological sources. For now, students passing by in the halls of Racanelli are encouraged to take a quick glance at the new board and hopefully find something that interests them.

This semester is packed with great on- and off-campus events that provide students the opportunity to take part in activities they normally would not and provides a place to meet new people and feel accepted. It is important for everyone at Dowling to get involved, and the SGA is the perfect way to do so. For information, or answers to any questions, stop by the SGA table anytime.


A Change for the Better

By Melissa Theodorakatos
September 14, 2010

Photo courtesy bayshore.us

Anyone involved in the Visual Arts Department was well aware of the unfortunate conditions of the art studio located in RC 424. After multiple winter storms and harsh wind conditions, the exterior of the studio began to crumble during the Spring semester. The faculty within the department noted the seriousness of this issue and took time over the summer to revamp the entire room.

Students walking in for the first time will immediately notice the upgraded materials within the room, as well as the increase in aesthetic quality. After the room was rearranged, a new smart board was added in order to increase the efficiency of the studio’s learning environment.The new layout opened up space around the room, giving students more freedom during their studio hours. Filing units were built to help with storage and organization of the materials needed for many of the fine arts classes.

The room definitely gained a sense of artistic quality, something all artists need when putting countless hours into their work. Students can now feel confident in the secure standing of the room and expect an increase in the resources it will provide for them in the future.



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