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Dowling's Pride

New Faces Entering a Prestigious Society at Dowling!

by Jennifer Siebert
November 1, 2010

Photo Courtesy unigo.com

Scholarship, leadership, and service brought together an outstanding group of students to be inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) on October 17, 2010. The new honor society was proud to accept its members, who have maintained high-level GPAs in their first years of college and who have also exhibited leadership in their communities and within the college. They were known to take part in community service and to work hard to give back to those in need. The president of NSCS, Michelle Knuth, stated, “The new members we welcome today are those who have excelled to such a degree that they have already exhibited the scholarship, leadership, and service upon which this honor society is based.” The new members’ majors included education, business, visual arts, biology, and others.

Artie Perri, the Director of Grants and Research at Dowling College, gave an engaging speech which described what the organization was all about. Kim Poppiti spoke about unity and working together on campus, which NSCS has strived for since its inception on campus only two years ago; NSCS partnered with clubs such as Spoken Word, Drama Club, Raven’s Quill, and several others to help create great on-campus events for students and faculty to attend.

It was the society’s great honor to recognize a distinguished member, one who has been working at Dowling Registrar since 2005 and who has demonstrated a clear passion for helping new students assimilate college life. Her name is Jennifer Kuhl. “I could not be any happier to be part of such an outstanding, service-minded and gifted organization,” she said as she accepted the honor. The NSCS was also privileged to have Dr. Jordan speak about unity. He is known to many as the Dean of Academic Support Services, and he obtained a BA from Princeton along with a doctorate of Education Administration from Dowling College. He captivated the audience, speaking first about what it was like to be a scholar and how he was also honored to see so many scholars in the room with him, as he smiled at the new inductees. He joked about some of his experiences in Princeton, and he also discussed taking action as opposed to just thinking about it. “Let’s have a good conversation. Let’s leave still thinking and waiting to say more. Let’s take action.” Stephanie Grieb, an alumna of Dowling College, made a short speech about college life and life as a member of NSCS. She went out of her way to donate cookies and Starbucks coffee to the event as well.

In closing the prestigious event, President Michelle announced upcoming events that NSCS had planned, such as Student Make-Over day on November 22nd. Flyers for the events can be found on the SGA table by the school store. Among others present were Christine Hoffman, the Executive Vice President of NSCS, Jim Rhodes, Vice President of Community Service and PACE, and Jennifer Siebert, Vice President of Membership. Congratulations to the new members and also the old members who have returned for another great semester!



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