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December 2009

Being Unemployed Part 3: Job Availability

by Melissa Vasiliades
December 11, 2009

Job availability will be the best gauge in evaluating when the economy is on its way to becoming healthy… IF the economy can get back to being healthy. Before we see an actual increase in the number of jobs available, we will need to find the ingredients to make a better recipe for economy growth.

Dowling’s First Chess Tournament is a Success

by James Wagner
December 08, 2009

The first ever Dowling College Chess Tournament was held last Saturday, December 5th from 10 am till 3 pm. Sponsored by the Dowling College Chess Club, the tournament which had pre-registration had a fairly decent turnout for the club’s first event.

Professor Interview: Susan Rosenstreich

by Ramona Sav Nolan
December 4, 2009

Susan Rosenstreich is a professor of Foreign Languages and Literature at Dowling College. In the following interview Dr. Rosenstreich discusses her life experiences and interests.

Artist’s Contest Winner – Aaron Wilson


by Melissa Vasiliades
December 4, 2009

The 14th Annual Artist’s Contest winner is Aaron Wilson, who has become an inductee to the Dowling Estate permanent collection. Aaron is a senior in an undergraduate program majoring in Graphic Design. The official ceremony, held on November 11th, took place in library. Both faculty and staff celebrated with Aaron while surrounding themselves around the artwork. “Tethered” is a 24 x 18 acrylic-on-canvas painting that now lives in front of the Technical Services department on the 2nd floor of the library.

Smart Growth Summit: The Next Generation

by Kimberly Charles
December 4, 2009

The 2009 Smart Growth Summit focused on the issues impacting local natural resources in Long Island. This conference was a reminder that in this poor economic climate, Long Island must address the necessities of the people that will serve as long-term economic benefits for the community. The summit included 14 workshops that promoted more livable, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible growth on Long Island. Present were Dowling College students who had the opportunity to voice their opinions on how Long Island can improve and preserve the eco-region.

Dowling’s Pride: When Flying, Fly Air-Dowling!

by Victoria Vargas
December 4, 2009

So as the holiday season approaches and my trip to the West Coast looms, I have one major concern- will my plane go down? While I have been told flying is the safest form of transportation, nothing has given me more comfort than speaking with Academic Aviation Coordinator Ron Lidenfeld. Along with Tom Daly, Bruce Trimble and all of Dowling’s fine aviation staff, I feel that we Long Islanders can feel safe in the hands of Dowling’s finest- our aviation students. In a recent competition hosted by the National Intercollegiate Flight Association, Dowling College did remarkably well. We were Top School in Flight Events and Ground Events

Eat, Pray, Strut…True Life Ministries’ Heaven’s Affair Fashion Show

by Melissa Vasiliades
December 4, 2009

On a cold, rainy evening TLM has brought sunshine, positivity and fashion to our Ballroom.

On November 12th, True Life Ministries had put on a fantastic fashion show in the Ballroom at Fortunoff Hall. Ashton Bell, president, had prepared for over three months to put together the event, which supported Won by One, a program that provides inner-city children with school supplies.


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