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January 2012

Letters from Student Leaders

Former Editor-in-Chief’s Letter

Over the course of the 2011 Fall semester, I have acted as the editor-in-chief of The Lion’s Voice. Taking on this position was a privilege, and I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. Stephen Sullivan and Melissa Theodorakatos worked tirelessly alongside me to ensure that we published a college newspaper which reflected the views and interests of the Dowling College community. On top of this, I was thankful for the dedicated support of the Student Government Association (SGA) lead by James R. V. Rhodes, SGA President. I also appreciated the group of committed club presidents and student writers who constantly produced articles for the newspaper. It was only through the collective efforts of such talented individuals that The Lion’s Voice was made possible. Yet, now my time has come to an end.

It is with great pleasure that I name Stephen Sullivan as the next editor-in-chief of The Lion’s Voice. I am confident in his ability to maintain and enhance the quality of the newspaper, while developing relationships and communicating with student authors. I believe that Stephen has the creative and personal skills required to be successful. I truly wish him the best of luck and ask everyone to rally behind him in bringing the newspaper to even greater heights.

This promotion now opens the Assistant Editor position to all Dowling College students. As the past Editor-in-Chief, I will follow the bylaws of The Lion’s Voice constitution and fill this position until an appropriate replacement is selected. If you are interested in flexing your editing skills, please send all your inquiries to Stephen Sullivan at sfs5@Dowling.edu.

Now let the 2012 Spring semester begin. May it be the best one yet!

Best wishes,
Peter Rice
Former Editor-in-Chief

New Editor-in-Chief Letter

The Lion’s Voice is one of the most important forms of expression that Dowling College has to offer. The paper represents not only the voice of the student body, but also the ability of writers, artists and educators to work together for the greater good of the school. It is with great pleasure that I accept the position of editor-in-chief from Peter Rice, who worked diligently during his tenure and transcended the quality of the paper to new standards. The team we have formed has proven to be cohesive and dedicated, and I’m certain that we will continue to strive for the utmost quality that the Dowling College community has come to expect from The Lion’s Voice.

Students should not hesitate to get involved. What keeps the paper alive are the contributions and articles written by the student body, something that cannot be emphasized enough. Going forward, I hope to see an increase in the amount of students eager to contribute, whether it is writing about new developments within the college, campus events, professor interviews, sporting events, or cultural issues. I would also like to reach out to professors, as I hope that your recognition of the importance of written expression can be passed down to your students. The Lion’s Voice benefits from the relatively small size of the college, in that the relationships formed between the editorial board and the staff writers are tight, effective, and ultimately provide an ability to work closely to ensure the utmost quality.

Continuing with the precedent set by past editors-in-chief, I am making my email available to all students: sfs5@Dowling.edu. Feel free to contact me at any time, even if you would just like more information about the paper in general. My hope is for new students to recognize that their potential and ability to contribute articles can be fully realized. This opportunity to voice your opinion as a member of the school is incredibly important.

May your Spring 2012 semester be prosperous.

Stephen F. Sullivan

College News

The History Club Uncovers Dowling’s Past

By Peter Rice
On Thursday, December 1, 2011, the History Club hosted the Suffolk’s First: A Symposium on the History of Dowling College with much success. Celebrating fifty years at the Rudolph-Oakdale Campus, Meg Pascal, president of the History Club, and James R. V. Rhodes, Student Government Association (SGA) President, moderated this historic event in the Hunt Room…

Dowling Pledges to End the Hate

By Melissa A. Theodorakatos

Bullying has become a nationwide epidemic, visible in schools and work environments everywhere. Studies have shown that about 70% of…

Dowling College Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition: Appearances/(Dis)appearances

By Melissa A. Theodorakatos

The Anthony Giordano Gallery of Dowling College will be hosting its very own exhibition featuring artwork from faculty members of the Visual Arts Department….

Dowling College Hosts Russian Scholars

By Stephen F. Sullivan

On September 29, 2011, Dowling College welcomed visitors from Moscow State University. The luncheon consisted of…

Dowling College Making it Personal

By Kimberly Charles

Dowling College successfully launched its 1st Annual Eastern LI American Cancer Society Breast Cancer walk at the Brookhaven campus on October 2, 2011…

Students Learn About Stress Management at DC

By Kimberly Charles

College students can sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to school, work, personal life, and academic activities…

Dowling Clubs

The following organizations have a few updates that you may be interested in:

American Association of Airport Executives

Alpha Eta Rho

History Club

Equestrian Team


The Flying Lions Flight Team

Science Exploration Club

Council for Exceptional Children


Campus Events

The Anthony Giordono Gallery

by Melissa Theodorakatos

Students who walk through the Rudolph Campus on a regular basis are aware of the beautiful and vast scenery…

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Melissa Theodorakatos

By Stephen F. Sullivan

Students of Dowling College take pride in what they do: some love art, some love getting involved, and others love their work. Sometimes, a special student comes along that embodies all of these passions to…

Professor Interviews

Getting to Know Your Professor: Dr. Richard Swanby

by Peter Rice

Here at Dowling College, Dr. Swanby, Associate Professor of Special Education, works tirelessly each day of the year to make his mark as a professor….

News Around the Globe

Not So Plain T

By Arianna Johnson

Tea has been a staple in Asian diets for thousands of years. The culture that surrounds tea, from its health benefits to…

The Loss of an Icon

By Stephen F. Sullivan

Steve Jobs will always be remembered as one of the greatest innovators of our time. Unfortunately, on October 5, 2011, he passed away after…

Looking for Faces with ADHD

By Peter Rice

According to the most recent reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of 2007, around 5.4 million school age children have been diagnosed…

Money Management

By Patricia Allen

Saving money is one of the most difficult things for me to do. It is the process of having money, while also…

General News and Entertainment

Summer of Movies

by Stephen F. Sullivan

The box office had huge hits during the summer filled with sequels, reboots, and finales. Arguably, the most…

Music of the Summer

by Stephen F. Sullivan

Top 40 music never ceases to be interesting, with singles and albums from huge names dropping this past summer. Arguably…

Comic Book Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason

by Mark Breckles

If the title does not get you interested, everything else about the comic will. I Killed Adolf Hitler is the type of comic that will…

A Family Farm Falls

by Arianna Johnson

Imagine owning a farm that has been passed down for generations, then having it all taken away…

Student Literature

Behind Steel Eyes

by Caroline Galeotafiore

III. Escape

by Melissa Theodorakatos

Recipe Corner

Everyone Loves Pie

by Arianna Johnson

It is that time of year once again. The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is falling, and the smell of freshly baked pie is in the air…



By Brian Scios

Oakdale, NY - The Golden Lions keep their winning streak going to 12 games with a 3–0 sweep of the Queen College Knights in a East Coast Conference (ECC) Matchup. Dowling improves to…


By Brian Scios

Brookhaven, N.Y.- The Dowling men’s soccer team dropped their second consecutive game with a 1–0 shutout loss to…


By Brian Scios

Oakdale, N.Y.- Dowling Athletics and Keep Islip Clean got together for the 6th straight year this Friday, October 21st, to…


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