Jun 26, 2017


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About the Paper

The Lion’s Voice is sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA). As such, it is the voice of Dowling students.

The Lion’s Voice Staff


Stephen Sullivan

Assistant Editor:

Peter Rice

Layout Editor:

Melissa Theodorakatos

Staff Writers:

  • Mark Breckles
  • Leanette Capella
  • Danielee Cirimello
  • Caroline Galeotafiore
  • Robert Heuter
  • William Heuter
  • Arianna Johnson
  • Brianne Karten
  • Michelle Knuth
  • Arianna Lindbergh
  • Megan Pascal
  • James R.V. Rhodes
  • Thomas W. Richter
  • Brian Scios
  • Kirsten Smith
  • Stephen F. Sullivan
  • Jose Talavera
  • Melissa Theodorakatos
  • Melissa Vasiliades

Faculty Advisor:

Laura Pope Robbins


Please note that we do not accept online advertising at this time. Rates are for printed issues of the Lion’s Voice.

Our advertising rates are:

  • Full page: $200
  • 1/2 page: $130
  • 1/4 page: $90
  • 1/8 page: $60
  • Classifieds: $10-$40

We offer a 30% discount to anyone who wants to place the ad in a total of three issues. Ads must be high resolution, 300 dpi, pdf format. Payments are to be made to the Dowling College SGA. For more information, contact us at lionsvoice@dowling.edu


About the Paper

The Lion's Voice Staff

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