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The Hangover 2

by Kurt Proske
October 29, 2010

Photo Courtesy filmnest.com

The sequel to the most financially successful R-rated comedy ever to spring from The United States, The Hangover2, revolves around Mike Tyson and millions of laughs and dollars. Round two is clamoring to huge expectations, considering the fact that the first film brought in a whooping $467 Million and pocketed the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. Now I know what you are all thinking: its common knowledge that sequels normally are a sheer disappointment. However, a sequel filled with an award winning comical cast such as Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha, directed by the mastermind of comedies, Todd Phillips, makes for an exception to the ‘bad sequel curse’.

Filming for The Hangover 2 had begun on October 8th, 2010 and the film is expected to be released in late May 2011, perhaps during Memorial Day Weekend (a battle royal weekend for movie releases). Until then, of course, we can expect rumors to fly and fallacies to fumble. One of the rumors that had sprouted from the gossip tree is the hearsay report that the movie will be filmed in Thailand, a rumor that was quickly denied by Todd Philips back in March. Yet even directors have a tendency to deceive the masses; rumors were recently validated when Todd Philips himself declared the explosive sequel will take place in the heart of Thailand (in the notoriously exotic Bangkok). It is certainly a dramatic change from the Las Vegas setting, but it will surely produce some of the most hilariously memorable scenes in film history.

The movie has already made headlines when Mel Gibson was removed from the film’s cast; this move only added to the angry actor’s ferocious temper. As reported by TMZ, the day before Mel was set to shoot, Todd Phillips informed him that he is no longer needed due to pressures from the other cast members. The majority of the protests came from Zach Galifianakis. Mel was supposed to play the role of an evil Bangkok tattoo artist; unfortunately for him, his acting career is going to take a longer pause than the actor expected. So who will take the place of the infamous Mel Gibson on such short notice? How about the serious Batman villain, Master of the Jedi, Liam Neeson? Playing a character that is much different from his usual solemn roles, Mr.Neeson is going to meet one of his biggest challenges yet: comedy. It truly is going to be interesting to see his outcome in the hysterically funny film.

Universally, all Hangover fans are wondering what Todd Philips could have up his sleeve this time. Will the plot follow the same ‘I have no idea what I did last night’ scenario? What are they doing all the way around the world in Bangkok, Thailand? Will one of the comical four go missing? Anyone’s guess is fair play; I can, however, confidently tell you one thing: there will be bad behavior, poor decisions, and a good time filled with laughter and terrible judgment. More secrets will certainly be revealed with the passing of time thanks to the paparazzi, the fans, and the staff. However, if you happen to stumble upon more info, please feel free to share it with the rest of us by placing a comment below.



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