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October 2009

November is National Novel Writing Month

by Derek Stevens
October 31, 2009

The annual competition organized by NaNoWriMo.org (National Novel Writing Month) has writers contemplating plots, characters, settings, and themes that will hopefully carry their story to the 50,000 word mark within a month. If you feel that a great story is buried inside you, join the thousands of writers around the country in their quest to find out if they have what it takes to fill a novel.

Fall Into Technology – Pick of the Week and Windows 7

by Melissa Theodorakatos
October 26, 2009

Barnes & Noble’s Nook will hit stores nationwide November 30th. This new eReader will soar above any other competitor in the market, and we have the reasons why. Windows 7 was released this Thursday, October 22nd, and has already been seen as a needed change for its predecessor Vista. This week’s article contains a brief summary of the specs and new features of Microsoft’s newest software.

An Interview with James O. Tate

by Ramona Sav Nolan
October 24, 2009

James O. Tate is an English professor at Dowling College. The following questionnaire will give its readers an insight into Dr. Tate’s interests and life experiences.

Dowling College Chess Club

by James P. Wagner
October 24, 2009

A new and upcoming organization on campus is the Dowling College Chess Club. Having been in existence for almost a month now, the club offers a place for anyone interested in chess, from beginners to experts to those who have never played before, a place to come, hang out, lounge around and play while getting to know some fellow chess enthusiasts.

Second Annual Dowling CEC School Supplies Drive

By Ramona Sav Nolan
October 23, 2009

Dowling CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) is holding their 2nd annual School Supplies Drive for a district in need on Long Island. Last year CEC collected almost 300 items for the Wyandanch School District. With your support, CEC seeks to double their donations this year.

Dowling College Women’s Soccer Win

October 19, 2009

In their last seven meetings against C.W. Post, the lady golden lions were 0–7. It all changed on October 14, 2009 with a quick second goal in the 49th minute by Vanessa Moreira (Selden, NY) and the goal was assisted by Kate Collins (North Caldwell, NJ).

Fall into Technology

October 16, 2009

With the holidays approaching, companies are releasing new gadgets daily and it is time to decide which you, as the consumer, find interesting. Whether you are a hardcore video game addict, technology buff, or someone just looking for gift ideas, this information will pertain to you.

Included in this article: Playstation 3 (Slim), Ion-Powered Netbooks, Tom Tom XXL 540 S

Photography Club Meeting

October 14, 2009

The Photography Club is holding its first official meeting next Wednesday, Oct. 21st. It’s at 3:00pm in the Gold Room, Fortunoff Hall, Oakdale Campus. Come share your knowledge of and enjoyment for photography. All are welcome to attend, so spread the word around.

A Painting of Ethnic Heritage: The Art Club Paints for La Familia

October 14, 2009

The Dowling Art Club will be painting a large canvas design for La Familia’s Hispanic Heritage Night (October 22nd). The club is looking for anyone to come and help paint a pre-sketched design before the event. Paints and a large canvas will be provided by La Familia. The painting will take place during studio hours in room 424 RC. If you or someone you know has talent for painting, contact club president Noelle at new2@dowling.edu for more information on how you can help. All “brushes” are needed!

Art in the Park: An Official Art Club Event

October 14, 2009

Come support and join the Dowling Art Club at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum for a special art in the park event on Saturday October 17th from 1–4pm. Bring along any media desired, including a digital camera for photography. All students are welcome even if you are not an art major. The club will provide transportation; meet outside the Curtin Student Center at 12:45pm for pick-up. For more information email club President Noelle at new2@dowling.edu. In case of unacceptable weather, a rain date is set up the following day, Sunday October 18th, at the same time. Transportation will also be provided. Hope to see you there!

The Dowling Staff

by Victoria Vargas
October 14, 2009

Usually when someone is proud of something they show their pride by beaming about it. Trophies are set out on mantles, ribbons are worn proudly, medals are hung, and certificates are flaunted. It is a rare occasion that things that should be a point of pride are not expressed.

Jung Hyang Kim’s “In Flux, In Bloom”

by Melissa Theodorakatos
October 8, 2009

In Flux, In Bloom is a series of mixed-media paintings that symbolize both nature and human perception of nature. After viewing the paintings several times, I began to see the different seasons, weather, organisms, and the underlining theme of chi which creates a unique energy in every image. The use of color ranges from orange and brown autumn tones to the darker and murky colors of rainfall and twilight.

Dear Agony and Life Starts Now

by Melissa Theodorakatos
October 8, 2009

Years of waiting for alternative rock fans across the world came to an end after the debut of two highly anticipated albums. Tuesday became the day for these fans, with the new Three Days Grace album Life Starts Now on shelves Tuesday, September 22nd, and Breaking Benjamin’s Dear Agony on Tuesday, September 29th.

Thomas Lally

by Victoria Vargas
October 7, 2009
There are several definitions for “pride” and I am sure you know of at least a few. There are two definitions that I have in mind right now. The first definition for “pride” is a sense of satisfaction for one’s accomplishments or something that causes one to feel good about oneself. The second definition is a group of lions and here we are- Dowling students, staff and faculty- the Golden Lions.

Spoken Word’s Open Mic Night: the best of Dowling’s poets

by Marc Rosen
October 7, 2009

On Thursday, September 24, Dowling’s Spoken Word club had their once-a-semester Open Mic night. Over 70 people crammed themselves into the Ballroom, both to perform and to enjoy each other’s performances, including Spoken Word club members, other students, and even a few walk-ins from Long Island’s spoken word and performance poetry scene.


by Kimberly Francois
October 2, 2009
The movie “Informant” is a non-fiction story of a whack-job corporate whistle-blower played by Matt Damon in a compellingly mindless performance which will leave you saying ‘What… was that?’


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