Jun 23, 2017


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Frosbitten Fever

by Caroline Galeotafiore

Something suddenly happens,
And your body slightly shakes.
Countless minuscule convulsions
Act like personal inner earthquakes.
Frosty fingers carefully caress
The length of your desensitized spine.
Your microscopic neck hairs stand austerely
Like small soldiers who about-face in line.
Your tingling teeth tremble and quietly clatter,
Muffled behind your quivering pair of lips,
And the hearty hairs on your arms stick up straight
From firm placed follicles to taupe shaded tips.
Elfin bumps bulge bountifully
Upon your arctic skin.
Your outer being rapidly reacts
To the iciness within.
These chills are unexpected,
But perhaps they should not be.
While there is ice inside of your soul,
There is love inside of me.
It may take more than the spring,
More than the summer, more than the sun
To thaw your frostbitten soul
And undo the damage that’s been done.
Consider me your blanket;
I’ll be your fiery fingered friend,
For I will melt your frosted heart
And restore its warmth again.
With abounding, affluent affection
Radiating from my hands,
I will become your sun and carry out
Every one of its demands,
As I shine light into your eyes,
I will wrap you in radiant rays,
Illuminating you from inside out,
Lighting your heart ablaze.
The sky-born snowflakes falling
Fail to falter this reformation.
Your formerly frosty soul
Is undergoing acclimation.
I will be like the warmth of a fervent fire
Anytime you ever need.
Your heart that was intertwined with icicles.


Dear Broken Hearted

by Peter Rice

This is the story of a broken hearted girl
Who sailed the seas on a ship named Pearl.
She once had a lover for a friend,
And thought that things would never end.

Then came a day when he never did call
He died from a very big fall.
Since that day she took to the seas
Letting her tears fly into the breeze
Suspicious with doubt
She vowed to find out
What caused her lover to soar.
She had to know more.
Sadness will never die
But did she always have to cry?
Just watch the dying embers
And forget to remember.

Still her grief would never end
Until she found herself laughing again
“Don’t feel guilt,” she thought
“I will no longer be overwrought.”

The waves of the sea brought her home
Sinking her ship beneath the water’s foam.
Back on land she found another man
Working on his retirement plan.

Knowing that every garden can grow
She finally let herself go.
The broken hearted girl was free
To finally be with me.



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