Jun 29, 2017


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Time Telling Tale

by Caroline Galeotafiore

These sleepless nights greet me
With a certain familiarity.
This open window offers a breeze
Of cleanliness and clarity. Maybe Iím too afraid to dream
Because Iím so accustomed to this nightmare.
Itís like endlessly trying to scream,
But releasing a silent breath of air.
They say true friends can hear you
Without you saying a single word.
They say true love can heal you
No matter how much you have been hurt.
Well, I donít know who they are,
But Iím not so sure they exist.
If they did, they would have known
That life is just one giant turn and twist.
Iíve heard once before mentioned
In the most solemn of voices
That life is not measured by who we are,
But simply by our choices,
But we forget to take into account
That making no choice is still choosing,
So those who are meant to be winners
Ultimately find themselves losing.
Being stuck in the middle
Is not finding a middle ground.
Screaming inside your head
Is not the same as making a sound.
Doing something about nothing
Is better than doing nothing about something.
Regretting what you have done
Is better than regretting doing nothing.
Always choose to take action;
Always take that leap of faith,
Even if itís just a hop of hope,
Youíre still not standing in one place.
Love loves everyone,
And love is incessantly rearranging.
Change changes everything,
And time is unremittingly changing.
A broken clock is still correct
Exactly twice a day.
A broken heart still beats on
Because life does not delay.
Time will continue forward,
Ad infinitum moving on,
Time is a force to reckon with,
As it effortlessly drags us along,
But weíve always got time for a choice,
Weíve always got something to say.
Weíve always got a voice.
Where thereís a will, there is a way.
Do not waste your treasured time
Because there is no second chance.
In the end, itís for you to decide
Whether you sit down or dance.
Always choose the latter,
And find a ladder to climb
Because if you choose the former,
Youíre only wasting precious time.


Waiting To Be Carried Away

by James Browning

On the gentle breeze float familiar voices
Of those who have passed, of a time long lost,
The echo of the distant chimes; their signal to the world,
Their call to me.
canít reply;
I cannot hover in the spacious firmament
As they do, now before me.
I am not taken by the wind
As I am weighted down
With the grip of life, the chains of sin.
I long to be lifted,
But I cannot fritter away time
For what will not occur, yet
I wait,
And I hopeÖ
That the wind stirs up the settled
To reveal what had once been lost,
That which had been buried;
That it caress the tiny faces of children
To enlighten them,
To protect them, to hold them.
That it sing through the trees, lift up the birds,
And carry with it
The spirits of the ages.


My Buddy

by Peter Rice

Once upon a spring day,
I traveled far and wide
In hopes of finding a friend
To travel with side by side.
When our eyes met on that fateful day
We knew we found each other.
For this decision wasnít a solitary one
But a combined admiration for one another.
Through the years we romped and played,
Losing total track of time and day,
I always turned my head to find
That you were never far behind.
The years were kind for both of us
As we followed the path called life
But as everyone learns
It is not without strife.
We both had our share of ups and downs
With obstacles in our way,
But standing side by side
We learned how to pray.
For you were the one that held me up
When the path wasnít all that clear
And all you ever wanted was a scratch behind your ear.
Now that the golden years are fading fast,
With time no longer on our side,
My daunting fears are becoming much harder to hide
Though youíve grown old and frail
You still welcome me home with a wagging tail,
Just before lying down and giving a sigh.
I canít help but wonder why.
I think you know the end is near
And just want to make sure that I am still here.
I donít want to lose you
As the hours slip away
For you will always be my friend.
My Buddy
Forever and a day.


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