Bronco Charlie Miller

Wood Carver, Celebrity, Last Pony Express Rider
Colony Address: Frog Lane and Golden Horn in a log cabin named Four Acres, although he called it Swash Jargon
The Log Cabin is no longer standing

Bronco Charlie Outside his Log Cabin on Frog Lane
Bronco Charlie Outside his Log Cabin on Frog Lane”

This photo shows some of Bronco Charlie’s totem carvings. Later, he sold these in another log cabin located on Montauk Highway in Oakdale. That cabin was the forerunner of the well known restaurant named after him.

Women outside Bronco Charlie's Log Cabin
Women outside Bronco Charlie’s Log Cabin - Notice the totem carvings on the porch pillars

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31 December 2008

10:17 by tom ?

my name is tom bakas---I am in indie music producer and songwriter-

---I am the guy along with my best friend richard ferrar ( a poet)( who is now deceased)--cleaned up the restaurant/logcabin that was “ bronco charlie miller” place of residence—we were hired by auctioneer

he and I were so impressed—it was apassion for several years to create a fiction/non-fiction story of him as a bigger than life american---a good cowboy-that kids can look up to—a hero of sorts---the kind of values that were—that could save the kids today—if we could show them

I cry when I think of this project---I don’t know why but it truly consumed me--- we always wanted to makea movie of him and use actor “tom selleck” as bronco charlie I even wrote a theme song—fully produced with my singing----it won 2 song contests---the song is magnificent-and as you hear this song and music you can picture “charlie miller” riding the plains as a young man---dodging arrows and his horse kickin up dust as if he were flying

another song I wrote for movie is called “the land”---a tribute to this beautiful country we live in---very sensitive

another song is called reflection---this country as seen thru charlies eyes as it changes----for good and bad

I have incredible memorobilia I kept of charlie—I found while cleaning/demo of restaurant

a horshoe which I believe is “polstar” his favorite horse—and some photos etc—including us flag

tom( windfall music)

Richard Ferrar ?13 March 2009, 16:56

News of my death is way overblown

DS ?10 May 2009, 23:05

Does any one know the proposed use of the land where Bronco Charlie’s was?

Bonnie Halsey-Dutton ?06 February 2011, 21:02

I purchased a collection of Charlie Miller’s buffalo hunting gear and wild west costumes two years ago. I would love to know any more about this collection: it came out of NY state: I am thinking near Albany, or Glens Falls. Any info about him as a buffalo hunter would be very appreciated!

battlingbuzzard ?14 March 2011, 19:19


My 90 year old mother died this week. When she was approximately 10 years old, Bronco Charley rode his horse Polestar, up their farm road in Duncansville, Pa. He asked for lodging for horse and self. He carved a small totem pole for my Mom(long ago lost) I would be interested in ANY momento from BCM, to show my 91 year old Dad to pique his interest in life.

Thanks, Chris Anslinger

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