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The Long Island South Shore History (LISSH) Wiki is a public outreach service and digital repository sponsored by the Dowling College Library Archives and Special Collections. It is coordinated by the LISSH Wiki Curator.


To collect and make electronically accessible artifacts, photographs and documents relating to the South Shore of Long Island.

The initial focus of the collection will cover the geographic areas closest to Oakdale, N.Y. on the South Shore of Long Island, and the time period from 1860 to the present. It is anticipated that the time period covered by the LISSH Wiki will be extended backwards to include the dates of the earliest settlements in this geographic area but, such coverage may be spotty for some time to come. This web site is also currently centered on the geographic local history of Oakdale, NY and its surrounding communities. Once again, as the site grows we hope to include a greater part of the South Shore geographic area.

Collecting Emphasis:

The LISSH Wiki will have three broad areas of collecting emphasis that mirror the contents of the Dowling College Library Special Collections and Archives and compliment the teaching and learning focus of Dowling College:

The Community

This section includes historical information about nine different estates and cultural institutions in the immediate Oakdale Area, the Artist colony and the Idle Hour Community histories, and information about local personalities such as: members of the Vanderbilt Family, Bronco Charlie and Dutch Schultz.

The College

This section will include information pertaining to the founding and history of Dowling College. Biographical information about the people important to Dowling College History will be collected here.

The Environment

This section includes historical and current information about the unique environment that surrounds Oakdale, New York. – Great South Bay estuary, Connetquot River, salt marshes, woodlands and the local flora and fauna associated with those environments. Information about the area’s history as a hunting destination (SSSC) and agrarian and fishing roots will also be covered.

What is Collected by the LISSH Wiki:

• The LISSH Wiki will link to materials and publications residing in the Dowling College Library Special Collections and Archives and to publications that the Dowling College Library has paid licensing fees for.

• In addition the LISSH Wiki will be a community repository for, unpublished materials such as: unique records, papers, bound volumes, pamphlets, maps, greeting cards, artwork and photographs, oral histories and their transcripts, and captured video as related to the areas of interest noted above.

• Moreover, the LISSH Wiki will link to appropriate content, with emphasis on deep Web links, which are not easily found and are made freely available on the Web.

How items are collected by the LISSH Wiki:

• The LISSH Wiki will only accept materials in electronic and digital formats. Community members may upload content directly to the Wiki by using the “Edit” button that is available on each Wiki page, or by adding their “comments” to each page. See the Invitation to Contribute Information. By doing so, it is understood that the community members are following US Copyright Policy. See U.S. Copyright Office Information Circulars: basic fact sheets and circulars on various copyright issues, including fair use. Circular 21 deals specificially with reproduction of copyrighted works by educators and librarians.

• Donations of physical materials offered to the LISSH Wiki will be referred to the Dowling College Library Archives and Special Collections and handled according to those Policies and Guidelines.

• The LISSH Wiki will facilitate community members in converting unpublished materials that they are not ready to donate, to the Dowling College Library Special Collections and Archives, to digital formats in accordance with US Copyright Policy (See above link). Community members should contact the LISSH Wiki Curator, Diane Holliday to make an appointment. Materials converted in this manner are done so under the condition that they are made available to the entire Web community as specified in the Deposit Agreement ?.

• The LISSH Wiki will work cooperatively with Libraries, Historical Societies, and other Community Groups to gather and preserve digitally, the history of Long Island’s South Shore.

• In order to maintain and improve the quality of the collection, added items may be de-accessioned due to irrelevance or duplication. Materials subsequently found to be submitted out of U.S. copyright compliance, will also be de-accessioned.


References to this Wiki should be credited as: Dowling College Library Archives and Special Collections, Long Island South Shore History Wiki

Do you have information to add? Then please contact Diane Holliday.

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