Married to Carol Gow-Smith Morgan


Title Unknown - Canal Near Artist Colony

Title Unknown - Canal Near Artist Colony
Title Unknown - Canal Near Artist Colony, Watercolor on Paper, Date Unknown

Fifth Avenue, NYC

Fifth Avenue, NYC
Fifth Avenue, NYC, Etching, Date Unknown

Park Avenue, NYC

Park Avenue, NYC
Park Avenue, NYC, Etching, Date Unknown

Title Unknown - Street View of Artist’s Colony

Title Unknown - Street View of Artist’s Colony” | Title Unknown - Street View of Artist’s Colony, Watercolor on Paper, Date Unknown

Artwork Attributed to Lynn Morgan

Title Unknown - Formerly referred to as Landscape With Path, Now Believed to be Morgan’s Pond

Title Unknown - Landscape With Path
Title Unknown - Morgan’s Pond, Oil on Canvas, Date Unknown, Attributed to Lynn Morgan

1 May 2008

08:48 by Diane Schledorn Petykowski ? (Curator Note: This comment originally appeared on Flickr)
Greetings. While doing a general search on the Artist’s Colony I happily came upon your photos. I grew up up there during the 50′s and 60′s---the yrs. when Lynn T. Morgan and other artists were still actively working within the Colony. (Jim Dine was our next-door neighbor for a time!) The boldly-colored oil painting here, although not typical of Mr. Morgan’s work, still seems as though it could be attributed to him. The children in the neighborhood delighted in making our way to the little island in the center of “Morgan’s Pond” at lowest water levels or when it froze over. It varied between being left in a natural state (times for our ‘scientific experiments and research’) and being off-limits to us following its careful and extensive restoration to a loveley garden environment. Has the pond since been dismanteled? How sad if that’s the case! I’ve been back many times since leaving LI, but haven’t visited my childhood environs. I do have a Morgan watercolor painting my parents gave me, which shows Queen Anne Cottage (our former home) and part of Jade St., which I treasure. Thanks for posting these pictures.

14 May 2008

10:57 by Diane Holliday ?

From the LISSHistory Curator….. A former Idle Hour area resident, and retired artist, Stephen Moore, believes this painting is of “Morgan’s Pond.” Morgan’s Pond is the name given to the pig wallow in the artist colony. The name “Morgan’s Pond,” comes from Lynn Morgan, an artist colony artist who lived next to the pig wallow. Mr. Moore also believes this oil can be attributed to Mr. Morgan.

Do you have information to add? Then please contact Diane Holliday.

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