Queen Anne Cottage
Queen Anne Cottage

William K. Vanderbilt Historical Society
S.G. Moore - Artist
Christmas Card 1978
Pen & Ink
Kachel Collection of Artist Colony Christmas Cards

Description Inside Card:
In 1890, Mr. William K. Vanderbilt started construction of his $300,000 brick farm area. The brick “Queen Anne” house pictured on this year’s Christmas card was the home of Mr. & Mrs. Heidtman, who spent many years in charge of Mr. Vanderbilt’s prize-winning poultry. This originalVanderbilt building is now home of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schledorn.

Diane Schledorn Petykowski ?08 November 2011, 17:25

I grew up in that home. My parents, the Schledorns, purchased Queen Anne Cottage in (approx.) 1954, having moved from N.Babylon. They resided there for nearly 30 yrs., then sold the house prior to their relocation to Ocala, FL. During the time it was recently shown for sale online I was able to see that a number of improvements were made to the interior. My parents are now both deceased; my father having just passed away on Oct. 15, 2011 here in NC. Living in the Idle Hour Artists’ Colony was special in so many ways. Yet, I knew only a small amount of the very rich history that had developed from the time the Vanderbilts no longer stayed there. I’d love to go back in time to be able to interview the unconventional and creative people who lived there during the previous decades.

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