Dictionary.com defines an Inn as a commercial establishment that provides lodging, food, etc., for the public, esp. travelers.

In the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries the South Shore of Long Island was a haven for people looking to escape the summer heat in New York City. Many hotels, inns and a variety of restaurants sprung up to accommodate these travelers. Today, records of these establishments are difficult to locate. This page lists the institutions we have learned about. If you know about these or other Inns/restaurants from the past, please contact us!

An * means that we have something from that institution in the Dowling College Special Collections.


Hotel Newpoint and Annex


American House Hotel and Tavern
Built 1780 by Jessie Smith.
Located: Northwest corner of Main Street and Deer Park Avenue

Argyle Hotel
Built by Austin Corbin.
Located: Argyle Lake
300 rooms and 14 Cottages

Boyne’s Hotel
Located: Foot of Fire Island Avenue, near ferry.

Blue Stocking Inn
Located: Southeast corner of Main Street and Little East Neck Road.

East End Hotel
Located: East Main Street
Also had restaurant.

Hathaway Inn
Built 1910 by Mr Hathaway.
Located: At the mouth of Amityville Creek, next to Newport Inn. Accommodated 60 guests.

Muncie Sanitarium Hotel * (Also see Fire Island)

Newport Inn
Built 1910 by Mr Hathaway.
Located: At the mouth of Amityville Creek, next to Hathaway Inn. Larger than Hathaway Inn.

Sherman House (AKA: Casey’s Hotel)
Located: Southeast corner of Main Street and Fire Island Ave.
Accommodated 75 guests.

South Shore Inn
Located: corner of Shore Road and Robbins Avenue on Sumpawams Creek.

Watson House *
Built by S.C.Smith in 1870.
Located: East Side of Fire Island Avenue.
Accommodated 100 guests
Restaurant accommodated 300 people.


Chateau Roberto

Clintonian Hotel
Located: Southeast corner of South Clinton Avenue and at 22 Lawrence Avenue .
In the 1930’s many Vaudeville performers stayed there.

Commercial Hotel \\ Located: West Main Street.

Cooper’s Hotel *
Located: 140 S. Clinton Ave.

Cortland House * \\ 1809 - 1910?
Was a stagecoach stopover for travelers from Brooklyn and Sag Harbor.
Located: East Main Street between Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue

It became the New Cortland Hotel *
1911 - 1940
Located: Northeast corner of Fourth Avenue and Main Street

Dominy House *
1861 - 1930′s Not the same Dominy House as the one on Fire Island.
Built by Phebe Dominy in 1861.
Located: East Main Street between Third Avenue and Bay Shore Road

Economy Paradise

Located: East Main Street opposite Penataquit Avenue
It also served as the Red Cross Nurses’ House.

The Greymore *

Hotel Mildred *
Also known as the Bay Shore Inn
Located: Overlooking the Great South Bay and the popular Benjamin’s Beach

Howell House
1855 - 19xx?
Located: 56 Shore Lane
The building still serves as a rooming house.

Johnson Hotel
Located: Southeast corner of East Main Street at Homan Avenue.
It had a bowling alley located in the rear building.

The Linwood *
1888 - 1925
Located: Southeast corner of South Clinton Avenue and Linden Place
Accommodated 150 guests.
The Linwood Hotel temporarily housed World War I Navy fliers from the Bay Shore Aero Station while their barracks were being constructed.

Martha Hamilton
Located: across street from the present Bay Shore Post Office

Mimi’s Awixa Pond Restaurant *
Montauk Highway
Formerly the Adams (Chiclet) Estate

Prospect House
1870 - 1903
Located: 53 Ocean Avenue
Accommodated 200 visitors in the Main building and an additional 200 visitors in the outlying cottages.

Saxon Arms *
Not sure if this is related to the Saxon Arms in Oakdale NY.

Shanley Hotel
late 1800′s, - 19xx?
Located: West side of South Ocean Avenue - just south of the Linwood and Clintonian Hotels.

Shersty’s Patio Restaurant *

Spinning Wheel Motel *

St. Georges Hotel
Also known as the Cooper Auburn.
Located: foot of South Clinton Avenue - just before entering the Bay Shore Marina.
It was at the location of Benjamin’s Beach at that time.


Bay House *
Hotel: 1874 −1900, Camp: 1901 −1950
Located: West side of Bellport Lane on the Bay.
Park on grounds today, band shell standing in park uses the original foundation of the Hotel’s porch.

Bell Inn (AKA: Bell House, Mallard Inn)
House built early 1800′s, Mallard Inn: 1900 - 1910, Bell Inn: 1911–1930′s. Located: East side of Bellport Lane.

Bellport Hotel *
Built in 1898.
Located on Bellport Lane, next to the Bell House.
The building still survives as a restaurant.

Goldthwaite Inn * ( AKA:Grass Patch Hotel *)
Located on Browns Lane. The hotel’s grounds extended to the Bay.

Hampton Hall * (AKA: Titus House)
1860′s - 19xx
Located: North side of South Country Road west of the village center.
Accommodated 50 guests. Attached to a small building known as Ladies Hall - which had a theater on the 2nd floor.

Hof Brau Inn

Iron Horse Hotel *

Washington Lodge
Located: 287 South Country Road.
Built in 1848 as private home. \\ Between 1915–1925 it was the summer estate of the inventor of instant coffee, a Belgian who adopted George Washington’s name. \\ In the late 1940’s it became the Washington Lodge restaurant\\. It still stands today as a Catholic retreat house.

Wyandotte Hotel *
Located North and East of the Goldthwaite Inn off Browns Lane.

Blue Point

Anchorage Inn * (AKA: Ye Olde Anchorage Inn)
1897 −1928 Located: North side of Montauk Highway at the corner of Kennedy Avenue
Accommodated 35 guests.
Famous for having the Great Sphinx on property– one seventh the size of Egypt’s - Sphinx moved in 1974 and visible today on Montauk Highway.

Chip-A-Qua Inn * (AKA: Maples Hotel, Stokes Hotel, Bayview Hotel *)
Located: Corner of South Country Road and Blue Point Avenue.

Club Rendevous Hotel and Restaurant

Cochran House *
1891 - xxxx
Located: East side of Blue Point Ave by the Bay.
21 guest rooms.

Five Mile Look (Avery’s) * (AKA: Stillman’s Pavillion)
1913 - 1939
Located: Foot of Blue Point Avenue just West of the town dock.
Also had a Restaurant.
40 guest rooms.

Hallett House *
18xx - 1934
Located: West side of Blue Point Avenue between Middle Road and Danes Street
150 rooms after 1912 renovation.

Hotel Monterey * (AKA: Imperial Hotel)
1913 - 1928
Located: Northwest corner of Middle Road and Arthur Avenue.
Accommodated 100 guests.

Iron Horse Inn *

South Bay House *
xxxx - 1930
Located: Corner of Blue Point Avenue and Middle Road.
Accommodated 300 guests.

Warner House *
1888′s - 1918
Located: East side of Blue Point Avenue. The Fire House stands there today.
Accommodated 75 guests.


Hotel Chateau La Boheme *


Austral Hotel *
Now known as St. Joseph’s Academy.

Ross Health *


The Oaks *

East Islip

Hockers Hotel

Pavilion Hotel

Stellenwerf’s Lake House Hotel, 1856–1894
Sometimes refered to as the Lake House

East Moriches

House by the Sea *

Watchogue Hotel *

Fire Island

Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove Hotel


Dominy House
1844 - 1903
In 1869 it became known as Dominy’s Beach House In 1871 it became part of the Surf Hotel In 1882 it was sold again but remained closed for 3 years In 1886 it became the Breakers In 1887 it was known as the Hotel Madison In 1893 it was known as the Dominy House again In 1903 it burned to the ground

Muncie Island
Muncie Island Sanitarium Hotel * (Also see Babylon) 3 Miles By Boat from Babylon, NY

Oak Beach
Oak Beach Hotel

Ocean Beach
Surf Hotel
The grounds became Fire Island State Park, now known as Robert Moses State Park.

Point O’Woods
Bayview House
Accommodated 30 guests

Point of Woods Inn Accommodated 150 guests

Water Island

White House Hotel *
Accommodated: 50 Guests
3 Miles By Boat from Patchogue, NY

Maguire’s Restaurant *

Ocean View House

Whig Inlet Hotel

Great River

Connetquot Hotel
Accommodated 25 guests


Hocker’s Hotel
Accommodated 25 guests

Lake House

Orowoc Hotel *


The Maples


Alex’s Restaurant *

Bronco Charlie’s Restaurant *
See: Bronco Charlies Restaurant and Comments About Bronco Charlie’s

Emil’s Oakdale Inn *

Idle Hour Club *
Also known as the Oakdale - Vanderbilt Hotel (1933) *
See The Second Idle Hour Mansion

Plaza Bowling *

Snapper Inn *

Stirrup Cup Castle *

View Restaurant Formerly known as: Riverview *, Saxon Arms *, Tea House


Algonquin * (Restaurant)
Located: 561 South Ocean Ave, on the Northeast corner of South Ocean Avenue & Smith Street.
The building is still standing as an apartment house.

Central Hotel
Located: 100 feet West of the four corners, on the South side of West Main Street.
Accommodated 100 guests.
The building still stands today.

Clifton Hotel *
1882 - xxxx
Located: Foot of Bay Ave.
Accommodated 300 guests.

Laurel Hotel *
1880′s - xxxx
Located: Northwest corner of Laurel Street and Ocean Avenue.

Leo’s Inn * (Restaurant AKA: West Lake Inn, Leo’s Inn, Continental Inn.)
1900 - 1941 Located: Opposite the West Lake – where West Lake Caterers stands today.

(Old) Mascot Hotel
xxxx - 1905 Located: Foot of South Ocean Ave.
Built on a pier over the Bay.

New Mascot (AKA: Roger’s House 1880’s, Pasco Hotel 1900, New Mascot after the old Mascot moved in 1905.)
1880′s - 1933
Located: opposite the Ocean Avenue Hotel at the foot of South Ocean Ave.
Added a salt water swimming pool in 1925.

Ocean Avenue Hotel *
1878 - 19xx
Located: East side of Ocean Avenue next to the Bay.
Accommodated 275 guests.

Old Oak Hotel *
1895 - 1950
Located: North Side of East Main Street, just East of Case Avenue.
Also a restaurant, known for its good food.

Patchogue Bay Inn * (AKA: Bay Avenue Cottages, Patchogue Inn)
Located: Southeast corner of Bay Avenue and Newin Street.

Patchogue Hotel * (AKA: The Elks Hotel and Club House)
xxxx - 1969
Located: East Main Street opposite the post office.

Riviera Shore Hotel

Roe’s Hotel * and the Roe’s Hotel Annex *

White House Hotel * (Also see Fire Island)

1880 - xxxx.
Located on Bay Ave.
Accommodated 75 guests.

Xeller’s Restaurant and Grill *
Originally located: Northwest corner of East Main Street and Rose Avenue.
Moved in 1939 to the South side of Main Street opposite Medford Avenue



Bedell Tavern 1838 - ??
Became the Kensington Hotel * circa 1900

Beech Grove
Handsome Ave.

Cedarshore Hotel, Casino and Cottages *
Handsome Ave.
Became the Sayville Manor Beach Club *
Here is a history of the Cedarshore Hotel, written by Webb Nash Morrison Cdrshr-History.pdf

The Delavan *
Foster Ave
75 rooms
1883 - ?

The Elmore *
Handsome Ave
125 rooms
1885 - 1930′s

The Inn * Also known as the Elms Inn or the Davis Inn
293 Candee Ave at Elm St
1903 - 1950′s

Foster House
Built 1864
Located on South Main Street

Holborn Hall
Located at 241 Candee Avenue, next door to Sea Side House/Hotel Hamlyn.
It was destroyed by fire c.1920.

Kenlothian Cottage

Land’s End *

Prospect Farm Hotel

Seaside House
Candee Ave
1914 - 19xx
Accommodated 100 guests
Became the Hotel Hamlyn *
Became the Lafayette *
1922 - mid 1970′s
Became the Candee Hotel in the mid 1970′s and was demolished in 1988.

The Shoreham Restaurant *
Foot of Foster Ave.
1903 - post WWII

Tide Water Inn * Located: Foot of Foster Avenue, between Foster and Candee Avenue.
1916 - 1936
Became the New Shoreham Hotel in 1937
Hotel building burnt down 1971, bathhouses burnt down in 1987.

South Bay House *
1880 - 1921
Located at the Foot of Candee Avenue
Became the Shoreham Hotel 1921–1925 Burnt down.

West Islip

La Grange Inn * Accommodated 50–60 guests

The Pioneer Restaurant *

Lady Beck ?07 June 2011, 18:00

Hotel Brooklyn burned down 8–14–07 per article in NY Times

03 November 2011, 12:43

The Shoream restuarant no longer exists. It was burnt down years ago

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