Finding Apps

There are many ways to discover new apps. Here are just a few that you might want to try.

For Android devices, you might try:

Discover apps through searching, rankings, and categories. Install apps from the web using the Fast Web installer app.

Google Play
Google’s app store for the Android market. You can also find books, music, and movies here as well.

For iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.):

A collection of 1,800+ apps for education, reviewed by educators. Apps are arranged in categories, such as preschool, Bloom’s, Teacher’s, Autism, and more.

AppStore HQ
Browse all apps, search by category, read the lastest reviews, and more.

This app lets you search by category, ranking, popular, etc. to find new apps. It’s also a great way to find out about price drops for an app that you’re interested in.

For all platforms:

Use this site for all platforms. Includes reviews.

Browse applications by category or device.

Try the category search to get a list of related apps. Icons are used to represent the app’s native device.