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Select Dowling College as your library and search our library’s catalog through this simple to use mobile interface. You can also check your account and place holds.
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Dowling College Mobile Library

http://www.dowling.edu/library/images/mobileqr.jpg It’s easy to gain access to library resources from your phone or tablet device. Simply add the following URL: http://www.dowling.edu/library/m/index.html or scan the QR code and gain small/medium screen access to many of the library’s resources.

  • Search for articles using EbscoHost and HW Wilson databases and other mobile friendly sites like the National Library of Medicine.
  • Search for books in our catalog - use the mobile version on your phone or use the full version on your tablet.
  • Search reserves by course number or professor and download your readings.
  • Contact us for help via chat, email, phone, or sms.

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