Favorite Reading Apps

One of our favorite uses of iPads is for reading, especially because you aren’t limited to one vendor for your purchases. There are a variety of apps and places to go for ebooks. The following are recommended apps for the iPhone/iPad. Most are free, but some have a cost that is listed.

Choose from a variety of ebook vendors within the app to purchase/download ebooks. This app supports the Adobe DRM content and so can be used with books that you wish to download from your public library. It also reads nonDRM pdfs and epub.
B&N Nook
Free app so that you can enjoy your Nook books on any device.
Don’t have time to read that article now and don’t want to print it? This app will let you read and annotate documents in Word, Wordperfect, and PDF format. Download documents from email, dropbox, or google docs as well. This app costs $4.99 but is well worth the price.
Apple’s reader. Free, easy to use, and connects directly to the iTunes store.
Download your Kindle books directly to your iPad. Easy to use features.
This app is a great one for reading. It reads epubs, pdf, ereader, comic book archive (.cbr), and Djvu books. Books can be downloaded and added to the library directly or imported from your desktop. Includes links to various ebook vendors.

Free Ebooks


Rent textbooks within the app, highlight text, create annotations, and share your information. Highlighting and annotating is not exactly intuitive, but it works. With a CourseSmart account you can create notes that are attached to the pages, but don’t display and get in the way.
Kno Textbooks
Register this app and then make in-app purchases of textbooks. Currently offering over 70,000 textbooks, Kno allows you to organize textbooks by term or by course. As with any print textbook, you can highlight, jump between pages, add annotations directly to the page, and “fold corners.” Kno also has the ability to quiz you on diagrams within the book. The app is free, the textbooks are not.

Desktop Software

As you gather ebooks from more and more sites, it will be helpful to have a desktop library system that can help you keep them organized. An open-source product that I use is Calibre.

Calibre is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and portable drives. It will connect with various online sites to download summaries, keywords, and covers to add to each title in your library. It integrates with both the Stanza and Bluefire readers listed above, so that you can move content on and off your device. It can also convert from one ebook type to another.


Do you have suggestions for other readers we should add? Please let us know.

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